Supernatural Round Table: Get a Clue

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It was Dean… with the silver bullets… in the kitchen!

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6 went full on Clue as Sam and Dean went on a monster of the week hunt. But does Dean still have a little demon in him?

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester for the latest Supernatural Round Table.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Carissa: Anytime Dean referenced an old TV butler. Belvedere made me laugh. I loved when he pointed out he wasn't wearing burlap, as he'd have him know it's canvas.

Alice: Well it was… wait come to think of it I really liked… no, no it was probably… then again nothing really stood out… but Sam did get mauled by two Cougars this time… still it was too creepy… then Dean did his killing thing… oh screw it, I’ve got nothing.

Narsimha: Yeah I have to agree with Alice that this episode wasn't too memorable. But I did think it was hilarious when Sam had to play along with the mother/daughter threesome. And when his insistence that he was just playing "hard to get" before was met with compliments about his acting ability. His smirk after being called a good actor was great, haha.

Sean: Alice’s answer made me laugh, but I actually did like some of the comedic moments of the hour, most notably Sam getting cozy with two cougars. His awkwardness and their extreme come ons just was funny to me. Although, I’m surprised Dean wasn’t trying to get with the two cougars for real.

Was it a good idea to follow-up the Supernatural Season 10 Episode 5 with a monster of the week story?

Carissa: I'm usually in the minority, but I like these pointless episodes that are filled with one-liners and goofy moments. I find them incredibly enjoyable and they don't tax my brain.

Alice: Yes. It’s logical after the story ended last week. Just Sam and Dean on the open road the way it should be. Plus, it’s kind of cool they went back to Shapeshifter lore. An oldie but a goodie!

Narsimha: I think it could've been a better monster of the week story, or even just had better actors (I hated the girl who played the shifter). If anything, I would've liked the 200th episode to have been more dramatic and meaningful, but they already circumvented that with a meta episode, so the idea of following it up with a normal monster of the week thing doesn't seem too weird. I'm just curious as to what they're building too. As of now, it kind of seems like they're wasting their strong start.

Sean: I think monster of the week was fine, as it really highlights the point of the 200th episode. I guess I was just hoping for one a little scarier or one I cared about through to the end.

What did you think of the nods and references to Clue?

Carissa: I didn't really pick up on the references. It's been far longer than I'm every going to utter out loud since I played the game. The family cracked me up though. "Did anyone else wet themselves?" Hehe

Alice: I kind of remember that film in my youth. I remember it had Tim Curry. I remember being bored. Honestly, I can think of about a thousand different films I’d rather see the “Supernatural” version of than a goofy film based on a board game. Plus didn’t Clue have 3 different endings?  Wouldn’t a great alternate ending if Sam and Dean were all cheery smiles getting pats on the back for a job well done, marveling how that’s the first time they got thanked for anything? Or the dark ending where everyone goes down in a bloody massacre, like Bonnie and Clyde? Sorry, I’m rambling.  I guess my answer is it didn’t notice, because all that ran through my head instead.

Narsimha: I assumed they were parodying the board game, as I've never seen the movie, and was definitely able to pick up on a few thing. It was pretty entertaining, but at the same time, like Alice said, who really cares about Clue? (I'm paraphrasing a bit here)

Sean: I couldn’t help but notice (at least, I’m pretty sure Supernatural was trying to reference Clue) and they were entertaining to a point. But the whole joke and overacting WASPs seemed to grow tired for me. And as much as it was neat to see all the weapons used in Clue, I was ready to get out of there.

Were you surprised Bobby let the shapeshifter live?

Carissa: I never even thought of it, to be honest. I wonder if Bobby didn't have a thing for the dead woman. I guess we'll never know, but he did seem to get around.

Alice: Not at all. It was his hunter code.  Show the monster kid some mercy and if they kill, he’ll come back to take care of the monster.  Sam and Dean follow that same rule (no wonder Bobby was such a role model).  It’s usually the right thing to do, but I guess it did result in some deaths in this case.  Ah well, those shallow WASPs did have it coming, don’t you think?  BTW, have I ever mentioned how I STILL haven’t forgiven this show for killing Bobby?

Narsimha: I'm more just angry the show used Bobby's name for such a boring storyline. I'm Team Bring Bobby Back. I'm still pretty upset he's dead =( But as for him letting the shifter live, it is a bit surprising. Although Alice is right that the method of letting someone "innocent' go is what the boys use now, even they were all about killing monsters, no expectations, at first. So I would think Bobby, back then, would've killed the "monster" but he must've had something for the mother.

Sean: It made sense, and it’s something we’ve seen Sam and Dean do. Though, I wonder what Bobby would have done if he were still alive after being in the situation Sam and Dean were. Or I just kind of miss Bobby. That idjit.

Did you believe Dean when he said his extra shots into the shapeshifter wasn't anything serious?

Carissa: I'm not sure what I believe. His answer made sense. Hell, who cares how many times he kills a shifter? Except, they did leave the family to deal with the bodies. That's obviously going to come up because you're not allowed to do that. This was a funny hour, so he's likely dipping into dark waters again, whether demon or Mark of Cain driven, it doesn't really matter, does it?

Alice: Hell no! Dean is lying like the true blue lying son of John Winchester he is. He’s in deep denial and isn’t fooling anyone. I was hoping Sam wouldn’t take his crap and would call him out on it, but there was no time for that once the whole whodunit played out and I was enjoying that Bob Seger tune. So yeah, to be continued.

Narsimha: No. I don't like how they forced that into the episode, but as far is the actual action is concerned, a normal Dean would've never been so excess for no reason. I do hope the Mark has some sort of repercussions. It wouldn't make sense if it didn't. Not fan of "demon residue" though lol, just seems like too much.

Sean: Well on the one hand, his answer made sense, but knowing what we know (demon Dean and Mark of Cain), I can’t help but also wonder along the same lines that Sam was thinking. Really, it was too short of a moment and convo in the car to really get much deeper, but that’s what we have the rest of the season for, right! Either way, I’m just glad to see Sam and Dean back at it, together again.

And get ready for Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7...

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