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I’m not quite sure a comedic nod to the movie Clue was necessarily the right type of follow-up to Supernatural Season 10 Episode 5.

Certainly, getting involved with a monster of the week is so early Supernatural, and the “Then” segment of the various hunts Sam and Dean have been involved with reiterated the sentiment that the brothers are sort of rebooting themselves back into their initial calling before everything went apocalyptic and angels and demons and Leviathan and end of the world stuff became the gradual forefront.

The Winchesters are getting back into regular cases, saving people and hunting things.

And I like that. I like seeing Sam and Dean working together, joking about drinking out of little cups or giving each other faces at the rich cougars coming onto them. Even going “old school” and looking for cold spots, using the materials they have around them when they can’t get at their massive arsenal was a nice touch.

Supernatural Season 10 seems to be easing the two back into the game, while also still hinting at some larger problems (you know, like maybe some leftover demon Dean).

Of course, I’d also like to see that larger arc come into play sooner rather than later, after all, Supernatural Season 1 did have the hunt for the yellow-eyed demon in addition to those smaller cases.

If you’re a big fan of Clue, you may have enjoyed Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6 more, though while I’m sure I missed plenty of references, I did find it funny seeing Dean pick up pretty much every weapon associated with the game itself. And I did notice the actual board game sitting on the shelf, too.

The hour clearly was meant to be that quirky cartoony nod what with its cast of possible “suspects,” and there were those humorous moments with lines for Sam and Dean referencing the silliness around them. I couldn’t help but laugh at Sam in between the two cougars.

But the extended joke of Clue wore out its welcome and by the time the shapeshifter turned out to be the maid connected to an old case from Bobby’s past, I had sort of lost interest.

Plus, the shapeshifter, while fitting in line with the tone of the hour, was far less scary than dealing with a shapeshifter back in Supernatural Season 1 Episode 6, "Skin."

Really, that’s what I was hoping we were going to get jumping back into things, a much darker and scarier case of the week. I’m hoping there will be those down the line, but this hour was just not that and didn’t really progress any bigger story besides hinting on some Dean issues.

Maybe if this hour was placed someone else in the season, but right after the meta and comedic 200th episode of Supernatural?

As much as I enjoyed the camaraderie of Sam and Dean again, the getting back into hunting, the case itself was rather lackluster. You could certainly have skipped this episode and not really missed a beat.

Did you catch all the nods to Clue? What's up with Dean? Make sure to sound off below, and if you missed any episodes, you can watch Supernatural online.

Note: Supernatural Season 10 Episode 7 will be titled "Girls, Girls, Girls" and air on Tuesday, November 24 at 9/8c.

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