The 100 Round Table: Is Major Byrne Right?

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The troubles never end on the ground. 

Bellamy and Finn's group suffered a loss, but gained two additional Arkers by the end of the day. Elsewhere, Anya and Clarke struggled to come together and once they did it was taken away from them. In the desert, Jaha landed safely on the ground where his journey took an emotional and then uncertain turn.

At Camp Jaha, Raven struggled with her impaired leg and her success with the radio beacon was taken way by Major Byrne.

Join TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Winston Rice, Carla Day and KSiteTV's Craig Byrne as we discuss the highlights from The 100 Season 2 Episode 4, Jaha in the "Dead Zone," and Clarke's upcoming reunions with Abby and Bellamy on The 100 Season 2 Episode 5.

The 100 RT - depreciated -

What was the touching moment that sticks out for you and why?

Paul: Anya and Clarke finally putting their differences aside to unite the grounders and the people from the ark which leads to Anya getting shot. The two characters hated each other so much at some points of the episode, but I love how they finally realized they need each other. It was obvious Anya was on her way out after this.

Craig: I liked the notion that someone (I never caught his name, and I will just call him "the red shirt" because we all knew his final fate, and his friend with the weird hair will probably be gone eventually too) would risk his life to save his friend who's hanging on a ledge. The notion that anyone would risk so much to save one person was touching.

Winston: It added up to many moments throughout the episode, but I really liked how Raven came to terms with her current disability. It wasn’t easy for her accept, but once she realized her disability didn’t have to define her, she was able to move on and focus on setting up that beacon…until Major Byrne had to go and ruin it.

Carla: Those are all great moments. One instant that sticks in my mind is the nod that Bellamy gave Murphy. It's not that Bellamy trusts him yet, but he recognized that Murphy saved his life. A small, yet meaningful gesture.

What shocked you the most?

Paul: Murphy effectively saving Bellamy's life. He wasn't going to give up even if he was pulled over. I still don't like him, but he is on a road to redemption.

Craig: The fact that they'd kill Anya (at least, I think they have) after she'd meant to much to the story really shocked me, but also, the notion that she'd just bite out a tracking device like that was shocking. Grounders are definitely fierce. I'm going to miss her, because I think she added a lot to the show, and I LOVED her dynamic with Clarke. Zoran's face was pretty shocking, too.

Winston: Anya getting shot. I wasn’t expecting to see her again, and then we did, I expected she would stick around for a while. I never thought she’d get killed off so soon after coming back! Close second is Anya biting her tracker out of her arm – badass, gross, and shocking all at the same time.

Carla: I was disappointed that Anya was killed, especially after we got a moment of hope that she'd work with Clarke towards peace. I should be used to it by now, but just about every decision that's made surprises me even when it makes sense.

What's your first impression of Jaha's time in the desert and the "Dead Zone"?

Paul: I loved it. I'm happy he landed somewhere quite a bit away from the others. It would have been a bit fake if they all landed so close to each other. I loved the storyline involving the family giving him up for a horse. It's a dog eat dog world. The special effects were really good.

Craig: We're seeing desert grounders now! And that's very cool. I think every time we learn about the society of those who were left on Earth, it's a good thing, even if it's learning about some of the harsh things that they do. The notion that Sienna would protect Zoran makes me think a little bit about Jaha's relationship with Wells, and I'm sure those parallels are intentional.

Winston: I agree with Paul. It would’ve felt forced if Jaha somehow ended up in the same place as the rest of the sky people. It’s nice to explore somewhere completely different with different customs and a different history. And finding out there’s a bounty on the heads of sky people was an interesting development.

Carla: I'm looking forward to exploring another society on the ground. It makes sense that not everywhere would be the same as where the original 100 landed. One similarity is that the desert lands are dangerous and discriminate against some people affected genetically by the radiation. He can't be too far away from the others since the desert people put a bounty on people from the sky. They must be close enough to have seen the Ark fall and expect people to be nearby.

Major Byrne's been a hard ass, but is she right? Or does she need to loosen up a bit?

Paul: I hate this character. Obviously I understand her views. She wants to protect her people from the what lies beneath the camp, but when her views conflict with my views of what should be going on, It annoys me. I hope she is written out soon unless she loosens up.

Craig: Her name is Byrne so I can't hate on her too much. But yeah, she's stupid. Don't like her. But then again, some of the best characters are ones you love to hate.

Winston: She can still be right but learn to loosen up a bit. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. The one note, strict enforcer shtick is getting old … and fast.

Carla: I hate Byrne. I cringe every time she's on the screen. She reminds me a bit of Kane on the Ark. She's tied 100% to the rules and in that environment it can be dangerous. It cost Anya her life and if Byrne remains in power, then others will die too.

Which Clarke reunion are you most looking forward? With Abby or Bellamy?

Paul: 100 percent, Abby. Sparks will fly next week as the mother and daughter are reunited. I wonder how they will get on as Clarke still resents her for causing her fathers death. I don't see them being able to put their differences aside, especially with Bellamy, Finn and Octavia still separated from the group. I also think she will blame her for Anya's passing if she is the current chancellor.

Craig: Abby, for sure. We had most of last season to see Bellamy around Clarke - but very little time for Clarke and her mother. It'll be kind of trippy to see Paige Turco and Eliza Taylor sharing scenes, and really, any scenes with Abby are great by me. Which isn't to say I dislike Bob Morley or Bellamy - I just am more excited for the mother and daughter reunion.

Winston: Most definitely, Abby. Ever since they parted ways at the beginning of Season 1, there’s been a lot of back story given on the Abby-Clarke mother-daughter relationship, and they obviously have a lot of issues to work through. In particular, I’m wondering whether or not Clarke will ever forgive Abby for being the one to get her father floated after she informed the Council of his plans to tell the community about the Ark’s engineering flaw. It’ll be an interesting reunion, for sure.

Carla: Since you all said Abby, I'll go with Bellamy. While I don't see a romantic relationship between Clarke and Bellamy (sorry Bellarke fans!), they complement each other as leaders. They are stronger together than apart, so if there's any hope of saving the others, Clarke and Bellamy need to work together. And, the hug ... much more touching of a reunion than that between Clarke and Abby.

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The 100 Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Murphy: Well, I'd say he's heard one too many of your motivational speeches.
Bellamy: Shut up, Murphy.

Clarke: We don't have to be enemies.
Anya: And unite with someone as weak as you? I have what I need.