The 100 Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Reapercussions

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Who would have thought one of the best shows on television would land on the CW?

The 100 is a good fit after Arrow. At the same time, it's unfortunate because too many viewers are missing out on an excellent show because of the network's limited audience. It's encouraging to see that people are finding and binge watching The 100 Season 1 on Netflix and tuning in live for the first time and The 100 Season 2 Episode 3 was the perfect episode to do it.

"Reapercussions" took over the top spot for my favorite episode of the series. I watched it three times and it was so intense and dense in information, I found new insight into the world on each viewing. There were many subtle mentions or actions which provided deeper understanding about the characters, relationships and world.

The hour was filled with many shocking moments and decisions, though the biggest revelation for me was the symbiotic relationship between the Mountain Men and the Reapers with regards to the Grounders. It raises a chicken or the egg question. Were the Reapers cannibals first and the Mountain Men took advantage of that? Or did the Mountain Men turn the Reapers into cannibals somehow?

Since it's risky for the Mountain Men to leave Mount Weather, the Reapers provide Grounders for them and in return they get the bodies back for consumption. The mystery is what else the Reapers get out of the deal. Why don't they just consume their captives instead of turning them over?

One possibility is that the Mountain Men created the Reapers from the Grounders they took. Is that the Cerberus Project? Lincoln would fit the physicality of the Reapers. Or is the project more about protection and guarding the gates to Mount Weather? Whatever the Cerberus Project is, it likely provides Lincoln with a better opportunity to escape than being sent to Harvest.

The people of Mount Weather become scarier and creepier with each new reveal about them. Maya's a perfect example. She seemed harmless and friendly at first and now she comes across less like a friend and potential girlfriend for Jasper and more like a watchdog. Since the 48 kids have even more potent blood than the Grounders, I have to wonder if the chocolate cake is more about fattening them up as livestock than integrating them into the Mount Weather society.

Why didn't Jasper and Monty listen to Clarke? Though, she left one prison of sorts to become the prisoner of another. She's resourceful and I fully expect she'll get free from Anya. It's what she does next that will be telling. In other circumstances, Clarke and Anya would be quick friends and have each other's back in battle. I'd love to see that happen.

The coming together of the Sky People and the Grounders against the Mountain Men and Reapers is where I see this all heading. With Clarke and Anya together, Octavia in Lincoln's village, and Kane's mission all happening simultaneously, the collision between the two groups is inevitable.

The battle at the drop ship proved deadly and something that should be avoided if at all possible. A peace between them and an alliance against their common enemies would be something to see. The love of two people, Lincoln and Octavia, shows it's possible to co-exist. The possible threat to this peaceful resolution would be the actions of Finn and Bellamy's search party.

What happened to Pacifist Finn? I feel a bit like a hypocrite about my reaction to Finn's actions. When Bellamy was the one out of control, I didn't support his actions at all, but for some reason I understand Finn's use of torture, threats and even shooting the one-eyed Grounder in the head.

The difference in my reaction between the two is primarily based on motivation. Finn's not at all motivated by a desire for power and control, instead his actions are guided by his love for Clarke and desire to find his people. While the actions were similar, the motivations were entirely different between Bellamy and Finn.

Bellamy learned from his mistakes and tried to keep Finn from repeating them. It was devastating to see Finn turn into this unrecognizable person, though at the same time made him a much more riveting character. Bellamy's disappointment at his inability to stop Finn shifted to resignation as they left the bunker.

From a storytelling perspective, I appreciated the scene cuts between how Finn and Bellamy treated their Grounder prisoner in comparison to how Kane and Major Byrne handled theirs. The similarity between Bellamy and Kane's reactions were enlightening given their disregard for each other. They really aren't that much different from each other. When they are reunited, I could see them working together for the good of their people.

The lashing Abby took marked a turning point for their society. Kane gave into Major Byrne's demand for punishment, but ultimately all the lashing did was make Kane more determined to abandon the Exodus Charter and find a better way to live for his people. It's going to be an exciting, challenging and intense journey forward for them all.

Lastly, I have to mention the heartbreaking performances by Paige Turco and Marie Avgeropoulos. Turco showed us an Abby who was not afraid of expressing the pain endured, while she also maintained her stand of defiance after every single lash. It was a distressing scene to witness, yet demonstrated Abby's will and strength. Avgeropoulos' wail for Octavia's pain over losing Lincoln was devastating. Two outstanding performances.

There were quite a few unexpected turn of events and jaw-dropping moments. Which one surprised you the most? Who is in the most danger? Hit up the comments!

I've watched the episode three times and will probably watch it again. There's so much happening that it's easy to miss something. Want to catch it again, then watch The 100 online right here at TV Fanatic!

Reapercussions Review

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The 100 Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Kane: Are we really back to this? On the Ark, you did anything you wanted. Without a second thought about the consequences.
Abby: On the Ark, I did what I needed to do, and I was right. Just like now.

Clarke: Once we get out of here, we can find help. We can come back.
Anya: There is no "we."