The CW Unveils Fall Finale Schedule: Worst. Christmas. Gift. Ever.

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The CW has dropped a few lumps of coal into the stockings of its viewers.

With the weather turning colder and the holidays quickly approaching, the network has unveiled its fall finale schedule.

Popcorn? - Arrow Season 3 Episode 5
Damon in a Tanktop! - The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4

When will your favorite drama go on hiatus for several weeks? Scroll down, find out and take comfort in the fact that most will leave us with a few jaw-dropping twists and turns...

  • The Originals Season 2: Monday, December 8 at 8/7c.
  • The Flash Season 1: Tuesday, December 9 at 8/7c.
  • Supernatural Season 10: Tuesday. December 9 at 9/8c.
  • Arrow Season 3: Wednesday, December 10 at 8/7c.
  • The Vampire Diaries Season 6: Thursday, December 11 at 8/7c.
  • Reign Season 2: Thursday, December 11 at 9/8c.
  • The 100 Season 2: Wednesday, December 17 at 9/8c.

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The CW Quotes

Cheryl: Ummm, did you have a lobotomy for breakfast? You’re wearing my signature color!
Toni: You don’t own the color red. Red existed before you.
Cheryl: Not at Riverdale High. Here, I invented red. I am red.
[Cheryl snaps her fingers and two girls stand behind her]
Cheryl: Sorry, but this school is not big enough for the both of us, faux-pink lady. And I was here first. Go to Centerville High or Westerberg, I don’t care. But you have until first bell Monday to clear every trace of yourself out of these halls. Copy?
[Cheryl flips her hair in Toni’s face and walks away]

Hermione: Veronica...come here, Miha.
Hiram: I came home early to surprise you. Imagine my surprise when you weren’t here to greet me.
Hermione: And she drank your Cristal....
Hiram: So disrespectful. Not like you at all, Miha.
Veronica: I’ve changed. You have no idea. Question is, have you?
Hiram: Not so much that I still don’t want a kiss from my daughter.
[She walks over and gives him a light kiss on the cheek]
Veronica: By the way, in case either of you were wondering, Mr. Andrews woke up. He’s going to make it. I know we’re all really happy about that.
[She turns around and leaves]