The Flash Round Table: Can Iris Handle the Truth?

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 5 Round Table, panelists are chatting about the metas in "Plastique," whether the titular character is actually dead, surprising moments and who thinks it's a good idea to keep Iris in the dark (think... nobody).

Join Hank Otero, Tanya Moat, Jim Garner, Carissa Pavlica and Narsimha Chintaluri as they discuss all things The Flash. Hit the comments with your interpretation of events!

The Flash RT - depreciated -

Who was a better meta-something, Plastique or the tease of Gorilla Grodd?

Hank: I thought Plastique's ability was cool and it was clear why the General wanted to weaponize her. Though I'm excited Grodd is part of the show, I'm skeptical about how they're going to pull off a super-intelligent telepathic gorilla. It's either going to be phenomenal or super cheesy. Fingers crossed.

Tanya: Definitely the tease of Gorilla Grodd, although I agree with Henry. There is a 50/50 chance he will be awesome or embarrassingly bad! I thought Plastique had a interesting ability, but she really wasn't around long enough to be memorable. I do appreciate that we met our first mostly friendly meta beyond Grant.

Jim: Plastique wins this round. Sure seeing Grodd was a great tease for the future, but Plastique was really the better meta for this round.

Carissa: Plastique was a bit of a letdown, although she did give Barry something to think about. I like the idea of Grodd!

Narsimha: I don't know much about Grodd, so Plastique for me. I'm upset she's already gone - she could've been an explosive superhero herself.

Is Plastique dead?

Hank: I'm pretty sure that explosion meant she's scattered all over the ocean. I'd be surprised if the writers brought her back.

Tanya: Yes. It was a huge explosion and it appeared as though her body was gearing up to explode, not just her clothes.

Jim: While it certainly looks like it, we all know how these things can go, no body, no death. So, we may see her again.

Carissa: Athought some readers didn't think so, I do. Unless when she exploded she became something even more bonded with the materials of which she was made.

Narsimha: I thought so? Now I'm not so sure, haha. I certainly hope not, but at least her supposed death was a spectacular. Being shot by that creepy General sucked, but the final explosion itself and the proceeding tidal wave were great.

What was the most surprising moment of the episode in your eyes?

Hank: I was shocked when Plastique destroyed The Flash's suit. That was crazy! Didn't realize Cisco had several others stashed away. Watching The Flash run on water was another surprise. By the way, how incredible were the visual effects in that scene? The creative team is killing it.

Tanya: I agree with Henry; they are doing an amazing job with the special effects. The running on water and racing up on the side of the building were all done really well. I was surprised when Wells told Plastique to kill General Eiling. What was he planning to do with her after she did it? He would have had to kill her. How would he explain her death to Barry and the team? And what does it mean for Wells that she didn't succeed?

Jim: I have to go with Harrison getting Plastique to try and killed the General. Of course had she not started monologuing, she probably would have gotten the job done and not been shot in the chest.

Carissa: Learning about Harrison's work pre particle accelerator. I wonder if there are any humans running around with telepathic abilities thanks to what he and Eiling did.

Narsimha: Two moments, actually, were when Barry ran up the building, and then across water. Although I hated the build up to them, with the stupid phone calls asking how fast he needs to go, like it matters (they even have Caitlin just say "run really fast and it should be fine," or whatever), the actual acts were pretty damn awesome.

Why do Joe and Barry think skirting the truth will work with Iris when they both know she'll never stop digging? How would you handle it?

Hank: They want to protect Iris, but they're actually doing more harm than good. Now she's including her name in the blog articles. Barry promised Joe he'd keep his superhero identity secret so I think from his end it's more about that. If it were up to him I think Barry would have told Iris by now. I have a feeling he's going to share his secret with Iris around the mid-season finale. Hope they don't drag it on. I would have told her right away.

Tanya: This is my least favorite part of the show. I know secret identities are a big part of comic books, but it comes across more as plot contrivance here. I understand not announcing to the world Barry's secret identity, but Joe and Barry actually put Iris more at risk by not telling her. It's annoying and by default makes Iris annoying too. I would tell her and hope they don't drag the secret out too long.

Jim: First, they are idiots. They both know how she is, and know that skirting the truth won't work. As for how I would handle it... I would have just told her the truth... she's a big girl. Honestly the only reason they aren't is because someone on the writing staff thinks it make for good "drama".

Carissa: I like the way Jim said it. Idiots. It may play out well in comics to always have people in the dark like that, but it really doesn't come across the same over a long running TV series. Now Iris lost her best friend? It's not cool at all.

Narsimha: I know Jim thinks Joe and Barry are idiots for trying to skirt the truth with Iris, and I agree to an extent, but I think Barry's attempts should've worked by now - if only Iris wasn't so frustrating. The person she's claiming to defend and champion came to her and PLEADED with her not to continue with her work. He even specifically said that the recognition plays no role in the good he's trying to accomplish. That's where her involvement should've ended. I know she said she's doing it for Barry, but if that was the real reason she could've just asked the Flash if he knew anything about the events surrounding Barry's parents. Or, better yet, if he would meet and help Barry. That would've complicated things even more for them, but at least it would've made sense. Instead, they have her pigheadedly trying to make the Flash's presence known.

Are you interested in joining me in a 500 proof shot or would you prefer to keep your own metabolism?

Hank: That was insane, even the 500 proof shot wore off in a matter of seconds. I'd keep my own metabolism, I'm a cheap date. Ha!

Tanya: I would absolutely join you in a 500 proof shot. I'm constantly on the diet roller coaster so burning calories in a … flash … would be fine by me.

Jim: Given that 200 proof alcohol (also known as moonshine) has caused blindness and death, I will pass on the 500 proof shot. Maybe if I had Barry's metabolic rate of absorption I would try it... but not with mine.

Carissa: Tanya, I'll meet you at STAR Labs on Saturday night. I can't wait to meet the gang! The ladies win this round.

Narsimha: Maybe in a year, when I'm twenty-one.

Now take a look below at the official CW teaser for The Flash Season 1 Episode 6, "The Flash is Born."

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