The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Message Disciple

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It was a night of roadblocks on The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 7 for Cary and Alicia.

While Alicia learned a potential new candidate was going to enter the race for State's Attorney, Cary faced additional challenges leading up to his trial. 

Tonight's episode left me feeling less hopeful for Cary and Alicia. I'm not giving up on these two storylines having positive outcomes just yet, but things are not looking good for either of them. Is it possible they both fail this season?

Introducing Frank Prady

Guest star, David Hyde Pierce made his return to television with a bang tonight. He played Frank Prady, a CBS news commentator perfectly, and I think he will prove to be a very formidable opponent for Alicia, much better than James Castro. Since we learned earlier this year that he booked a recurring role on The Good Wife, it was no surprise when he showed up to tell Alicia he was indeed running for State's Attorney, as Eli predicted. 

His reasons for running hit home with me, especially with Election Day just about here. I've witnessed (from numerous political mailers and television advertisements) just how low candidates can go to attack their opponents. Prady's monolog about joining the campaign to fight the good fight against political corruption almost made me want to vote for him. Alicia quickly fired back, and while I jumped right back on Team Alicia, Prady did offer a sympathetic point of view.

I'm really hoping for a debate episode before it's voting day for State's Attorney. Do they do debates for State's Attorney? They should! Alicia may have stumbled in her interview on Prady's show, but I don't expect her to make another bad move as we move ahead in the campaign. 

30 feet, Cary!

Thirty feet didn't stop Cary and Kalinda from flirting back and forth via text messages and glances across rooms. I'm sure it was a good distraction for Cary who faced a big setback in his trial. While a distraction, it almost seemed like Cary was a little too invested in his flirtation with Kalinda and should have been a little more focused on the matter at hand. 

We learned that Cary took out evidence that magically disappeared -- under orders from Peter. It was one string of discoveries that ultimately ended up leaving Cary in a bad place; a witness who could help Cary's case was hit by a car. I smell foul play there. I hope we get to dive more into Trey Wagner's storyline. 

I've said it before, but 58 more days until the trial is excruciating for Cary Agos fans. I've missed, as many others have, Cary in the courtroom (where he isn't the one being defended). His scenes with Alicia have been limited to some "good lucks" and pep talks, but after that hug earlier this season, I was hoping for more interaction between the two. 

Other quick thoughts...

  • Finn FINALLY smartened up to Castro and his manipulating ways and resigned from his job. I'm so happy Finn made the move, but hope he gets a new storyline now that he won't be on the other side of Cary's trial. 
  • Speaking of Finn, his drinking scenes with Alicia are the perfect amount of flirtation and genuine friendship. He can be my drinking buddy any day!
  • Ramona joined Peter's legal team and is Alicia's "twin" -- stepping into law after raising her kids for many years. 
  • 10:02 pm is late. For the second week in a row, The Good Wife was pushed back a full hour, and two minutes because of football. I love football more than anything, but they need to figure out a different way to do this!

As we get further into The Good Wife Season 6, are you feeling optimistic or pessimistic for our main characters futures? Will Alicia lose to Prady as Elfman predicts? Will Cary end up behind bars? 

Don't forget you to watch The Good Wife online and then comment below on your thoughts from tonight's episode!

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Message Disciple Review

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