The Originals Set Scoop: Yusuf Gatewood on Finn Mikaelson's Revival, Women Troubles

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The latest addition to The Originals season 2 cast Yusuf Gatewood is giving new life to an old character. As Finn Mikaelson, he's creating a backstory where one previously did not exist and he's looking good doing it, too.

While on set in Atlanta, a group of reporters got the chance to chat with Gatewood about Finn Mikaelson and what it's like to play an old character with a new face.

(I also asked him what he thinks of my nickname for the character: Finncent. Spoiler alert: he approves!)

On Bringing Finn Mikaelson Back to Life and Where He's Headed

Gatewood had the unique experience of playing one of the originals about whom we know the least. He's a mama's boy. He was in love with Sage. He spent 900 years in a coffin and, as we saw on The Originals Season 2 Episode 8, he's terrified of going back into it. 

That gave him some freedom to bring the character to life as he saw Finncent, and the fact that he's playing an original in the body of a witch means there is plenty of opportunity for Gatewood's role on the series to grow.

Finn Mikaelson and the Trouble with Women

What motivates Finn to action? Women. Sage. His mother. Cami. His mother. Oh, right, and his mother. As a bonafide Mama's boy, he sees loyalty to her cause as his chief calling in life. 

Over the course of his 1,000 years, Finn Mikaelson hasn't had the best luck with women. He fell in love with Sage and ended up with a dagger in his chest. (Not her doing, of course.) Most recently, he took a shine to Cami and a betrayal has led to an awkward relationship between the two. Not to mention the fact that his mother wants to put his sister into the body of his crush because that's not weird at all.

Always and Forever

That might be the motto of the Mikaelson siblings, but Finn's often on the outside of that circle since he so often aligns with their mother. Still, a "true family reunion is coming," which includes Dahlia and maybe even Freya. (Freya's totally coming back. Julie Plec said so.)

Is Rebekah the most sane of the Mikaelson family? YES! Will she be the one to persuade him to make amends with his brothers? Perhaps that will be her parting gift to the group. We'll have to watch The Originals online and see!

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