The Vampire Diaries Round Table: Should Staroline Happen?

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The ways of the witch were explored on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8, specifically the Gemini Coven.

Viewers were taken deep inside this seemingly effed up group of supernaturals, as we learned how they treat both twins and homicidal family members.

What did you think of Kai's father? Of Caroline and Stefan's interactions? Of Friendsgiving, road trips and many other developments that took place this week?

Join TV Fanatic staff members Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines, along with author Heather Vee ("Love You to Death"), as they delve into these topics and more in the latest edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table!...

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Fade Into You?"

Miranda: It wasn't my favorite, but I have to give Liam's WTF face some major props. It's one of the best I've ever seen. My favorite moment goes to Tyler taking Liv to his house to protect her. Tyler's a character who has really grown and grown on me over the years. I like it when he takes the time to be a nice guy, particularly for the girl who killed someone for him.

Heather: I have to give a special shout-out to the cold open, when you hear Kai moving through the house, killing his siblings. That was a straight-up horror touch we haven't really experienced since the first few seasons of the show. It was simple and horrifying.

Leigh: I just loved the overall dynamic of the guys out in Portland. Favorite quote was probably when they got the house to reveal itself. Miss Cuddles: one. Creepy invisible mansion: zero.

Would you rather have been at dinner or on the road trip?

Miranda: Road trip. No question. I hear Portland is nice in the fall.

Heather: I have to go with road trip, too... though maybe with Damon, Stefan and Alaric, not Kai and Bonnie. 

Leigh: It's unanimous... road trip!

How do you feel about the Gemini Coven?

Miranda: I'm actually liking it better than any coven we've ever met. The story feels fresh and these people are all a little psychotic.

Heather: I think this might be my favorite TVD plot since The Originals arrived on the scene. I agree with Miranda that it all feels very fresh, and interesting - and it also doesn't hinge on Elena...or at least not that we know of? And I love what it's doing for Bonnie's and Tyler's story lines.

Leigh: They are definitely some sick people with this whole "twins have to merge and one dies" business. But they are the most interesting thing to happen in awhile. Kai and Jo are both great additions to the cast. Liv could be a little less sullen. Especially as Tyler's new love interest!

Is Kai headed back? If so, what about Bonnie?

Miranda: Kai is totally headed back, and so is Bonnie. I now theorize that Grams sent Bonnie to 1994 so that she would help break Kai out because, having watched from afar, she determined that Kai is less a madman than Papa Parker.

Heather: I definitely think there's another shoe poised to drop that will tweak how we view the Gemini Coven story and Kai as it has been presented so far. There's a big twist coming there and, yeah, I think Papa Parker is potentially the bigger threat. And I do wonder if Grams is trying to head off the merging of Liv and Luke - though it'd be rather messed up if her plan is to use Kai to achieve that.

Also, there's a reason why Kai can only absorb another witch's power - the focus right now is on the horror of that, but no one's really asking why he's different, which I think is interesting.

Leigh: Good point, Heather. Kai is definitely headed back. Bonnie will be too, I'm just not sure how yet. 

The next witch to die will be...

Miranda: Luke, poor guy.

Heather: I'm honestly not sure at this point! I'm inclined to think it will be Jo, though.

Leigh: Maybe Liv. Give Tyler a real storyline with fighting for her.

Caroline and Stefan: Should they just do it already or what?!?

Miranda: There was a brief moment in time when I really wanted to see the two  at least make out or hook up and then go "OMG WHAT!?" But I'm done now. That shipper ship has sailed and I need Caroline to have something to do that does not involve a dude.

Heather: I'm not as over it as Miranda, but you can only tread the same patch over and over for so long. I'm fairly ambivalent about all of the romance/not-romance happening at this point because there's too many other awesome things going dow

Leigh: Caroline is awesome and deserves real chemistry. Right now, that's not with Stefan.

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