The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Fade Into You

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It's a shame Stefan wasn't invited to Friendsgiving on The Vampire Diaries this week - because he missed a pretty darn epic family reunion!

Then again... the boys road trip on The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 was also a thrilling way to spend the holiday. Which one would you rather have been at?

Personally, I'd take the road trip.

Because in the words of Damon: Miss Cuddles: 1 Invisible creepy mansion: 0. Also, there was some hilarious banter between Damon, Ric and Stefan, especially when it came to Caroline.

Damon: There are no drawbacks to this woman Stefan!
Alaric: Ehh, she did sleep with you.
Damon: See? Another plus.

For the most part, it was all about the magic this week, something I've kind of noticed lately in the world of Julie Plec. This is not a complaint by any means; I find this whole storyline fascinating. It's just that from watching both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals season 2, it feels like the witches have suddenly taken a much more central role.

Finally, everything about 1994, the Gemini Coven, Luke and Liv's random appearances every few episodes, and Jo hiding her magic makes sense. Unsurprisingly, since they were a powerful line, a Bennett witch (Grams specifically) helped seal Kai in purgatory.

That being said, I am REALLY not comprehending why Grams would send Bonnie to "safety" on a deserted plane with a psycho killer. It's not like she knew Damon would be there to protect her. Or at least, he was there. Also how did Kai get the ascendant?

So Jo hid her magic in the hunting knife she was impaled with? Not the best idea, kind of obvious, but it was short notice so you do what you can do. Liv and Luke are her younger siblings. When twins turn 22 in this crazy coven, they have to merge their magic so one witch dies off and the other becomes the coven leader.

I'm sure it's not scarring to lose your womb-mate or anything. Jeez.

Since Kai didn't have his own magic, the parents kept reproducing until they got new twins: Liv and Luke. When Kai realized this, he lost his sh*t and murdered everyone except for Jo. She and Sheila Bennett helped seal him away. Now he's got the knife and some of Bonnie's blood and is ready to break free.

It's a good thing Tyler is watching over Liv because it seems like Kai finally has everything he needs to get back. 

Magic doesn't work in Mystic Falls. So if your coven wants to find you they'll have to do it the old fashioned way. They'll have to go through me.

Tyler [to Liv]

Tyler hasn't been so alpha hot since The Vampire Diaries season 3. Yum.

That was a doozy of a family reunion to experience and things got even worse when Jo's dad was suddenly trying to kill her and Elena had to whip out her vampire blood. Honestly, as cute and drama free as Liam was, Elena is right: Her life is too complicated. Also, Liam was just too curious for her to get away with constant compulsion.

Elena should probably just stay away from playing with compulsion for awhile anyway...

Elena: You should've brought me with you. Well first you should've told me Bonnie was alive and then you should've brought me with you.
Damon: Well Ric had more frequent flyer miles...and Ric didn't deliberately forget our entire relationship.

I really hope Jo gets to stick around, even with Kai set to make his triumphant return. Seriously, the TVD writers CANNOT kill off another one of Alaric Saltzman's girlfriends. That poor guy needs a break.

Enjoy your Friendsgiving and Thanksgivings everyone and when that food coma hits, watch The Vampire Diaries online to stay entertained!

NOTE: The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 will be titled "I Alone" and air on December 4. Here is a preview:

Fade Into You Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Whoop, be careful. You just sounded generally concerned for my brother.

Stefan [to Elena]

Why wouldn’t I consult you in a decision that might permanently change your life? Hmm I wonder.

Damon [about Elena]

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