Watch American Horror Story Online: Ready to Freak Out?

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Welcome back to the Freak Show, TV Fanatics.

After being humiliated on stage last week, American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 6 found Elsa unveiling a new act for her audience to cheer for.

It wasn't exactly a safe one, however.

Elsewhere, Stanley pressured Maggie to stick to their devious plans and murder Jimmy, though we're well aware that she's torn on which direction to go here.

Finally, Paul earned some time in the spotlight, indulging in a secret romance. With whom?

Click on the video above to watch American Horror Story online and find out now.

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American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Fate. Destiny. Luck. The prisons of man. People pass the time, enjoying the choices life provides--coffee or tea, right or left--as if it matters. We are all just spinning on the wheel. There is but one way to keep off the wheel. It's not youth. It's not beauty or true love. I know how to stay off the wheel. I control my fate. I have survived because I know one must be willing to destroy anyone, anything, even the ones you love, to keep the gods in check.


There comes a time in every mother's life when she must give up her son to another woman.