Z Nation Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Zunami

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For an episode that was supposed to be about a "Zunami," we sure did spend a lot of time with Citizen Z in Z Nation Season 1 Episode 8.

I admit, I had no clue what was going on at the Northern Light base throughout the episode. Oxygen deprivation never crossed my mind.

Still, this was another installment without Addy and Mack. To quote Citizen Z "that's pretty crazytown."

At Northern Light, Citizen Z was monitoring the zunami. That thing looked ginormous didn't it? Did we get to see it cause some serious damage? Not so much. I'm not going to lie, that was a major disappointment. This installment should have been called "The Cosmonaut."

Anyway, when Citizen Z's vision went blurry for a second I had a feeling the events that followed were all in his mind. Perhaps he was finally cracking due to the isolation? Was it Schizophrenia? When the space capsule displayed "no life forms detected" that was a major red flag.

Though it was obvious the Cosmonaut had to be a figment of his imagination, watching the events play out was kind of interesting. When he kept asking about the dog, I remember thinking the poor thing was going to turn any minute. It was smart that the writers already gave us z-Dog before.

Dude a fireball from outer space gives the base a haircut and you got nothing for me?

Citizen Z

The stuff with Yuri was fun and brought out the goofy side of Z Nation again. Though I loved the fact oxygen deprivation was to blame, all the scenes in the Arctic this week were random and chaotic. Almost as if we, the audience, were lacking oxygen as well. On to the zunami or lack thereof...

The survivors have reached Nebraska. They sure have come a long way haven't they? As the zunami approached everyone managed to seek shelter inside a building. They saved this one stranger that gave us details of the herd migrating south. You knew he was a goner right?

Where do they find themselves but in a morgue with hundreds of hungry Z's lined up outside no less. I had a feeling at least one zombie would pop out from one of the drawers Eeeek! By the way, what's with Cassandra and stray fingers or, ears in her hair?

It freaked me out a bit they were considering locking themselves in the drawers. My claustrophobia would have never allowed me to get into one of those things. I'd rather be zombie chow. Actually, I probably would have reacted like the new guy that bit it.

Murphy: Now what?
Roberta: We wait them out.
Murphy: We can't just stay here and wait to die.

You've got to hand it to the writers, they sure do find insane situations to throw these characters into.

Poor Roberta was the worst off inside that body bag. After losing Charlie we understand none of these people are safe. I thought this week might be her time. The Z's break into the room and of course ignore Murphy altogether. When he walked out of the room I figured he was done with the group. In reality, he can walk past the zombies and doesn't need anyone's help to get to California.

Interesting that a couple of Z's stopped to stare directly at Murphy. What is he turning into exactly?

Great I'm the one eyed king in the land of the blind.


Murphy spots a shimmering light from the building above and finds a family up there. Can you believe he just took all their food and supplies? Not only that, he then lets a zombie inside the building. What an a-hole that Murphy. Guess he's made for this world.

I could have sworn Murphy would walk right past the mortuary. Totally surprised me that he returned for the others.

Roberta: To Murphy: you may be the mission, but today you became our friend. Thank you.

Hilarious they all toasted Murphy at the end. If they only knew right? His eyes were almost full Z, that can't be cool.

What did you guys think of "Zunami?" Were you expecting more from the massive storm/herd? Did you guess Yuri wasn't real? Ready to see Mack and Addy again? You're turn fellow zombie fans, hit the comments below and share your thoughts on Episode 8.

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Zunami Review

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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Dude a fireball from outer space gives the base a haircut and you got nothing for me?

Citizen Z

Murphy: Now what?
Roberta: We wait them out.
Murphy: We can't just stay here and wait to die.