Arrow Photo Gallery: A Shirtless Showdown

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This isn't the most festive use of the snowy holiday season, but we'll take the gift of shirtless Stephen Amell nonetheless!

Oliver will be visited by Nyssa al Ghul in Arrow Season 3 Episode 9. She's not there for pleasure, as she'll be delivering a message from her father, Ra's – find Sara's killer within 48 hours or the League of Assassins will start killing Starling City residents.

Say what?

Is Ra's message a bait and switch tactic or is he really not responsible for Sara's death?

From the look of the photos, "The Climb" takes place pitting Oliver and Ra's on top of a very cold mountain when sweaters (if not parkas) would be more appropriate than their bare-chested showdown.

Let's assume a couple things. Oliver either doesn't discover Sara's killer and tracks down Nyssa's old man or he discovers Ra's is Sara's killer and the result is the same. Either way, it seems highly doubtful either Oliver or Ra's isn't leaving the mountain alive, so how can it end?

Following the epic crossover, things aren't slowing down for the midseason finale. Be here after it airs for a full review and watch Arrow online if you need to catch up.

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