Bones Picture Preview: The Alfred Hitchcock-Inspired 200th Episode!

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This week, Bones will celebrate a milestone that only a few other television shows have accomplished: 200 episodes!

Bones Season 10 Episode 10, directed by David Boreanaz, will re-imagine the teams at The Jeffersonian and The FBI as characters in 1950's Hollywood. This Alfred Hitchcock inspired episode is sure to be a fun one, and it may even offer a few surprises.

Brennan plays an LAPD detective, while Booth plays a notorious jewel thief with a few secrets. When he is framed for murder, he and Brennan team up to clear his name and find the killer. But not without a little bit of romance and some fantastic outfits. Even everyone's favorite squintern, Wendell, is dressed for the occasion. And at least one character we haven't seen in a while will be back to play along, but in a different role than the audience is used to.

The cast and crew have put a lot of energy into this episode as a celebration of the milestone. But really, it's all about the fans. In an interview with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel earlier this year, David Boreanaz noted that the 200th episode would be a "give something back to the fans." And it seems that Bones Season 10 Episode 10 will be just that.

Are you excited, Bones Fanatics?! What are you looking forward to most about the milestone episode?

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Bones Season 10 Episode 10 Quotes

This is not time to play with dinosaurs, Darlin', Let's skiddattle.


Brennan: Which is why I have a proposition for you.
Booth: Please, Darlin', you're gonna make me blush.