Bones Producer Previews Episode 200: What Can Fans Expect?

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Bones Executive Producer Stephen Nathan spoke with reporters this week in anticipation of the Alfred Hitchcock-inspired 200th episode on tap tomorrow night.

"We wanted to go back to something that was classic, because after ten years, we're kind of moving into the classic category," Nathan said on why these particular theme was chosen for Bones Season 10 Episode 10. "We wanted to do a classic examination of the show and of the romantic nature of the show."

It won't be all about the props and the great outfits, although those will certainly be a part of it.

"What we tried to do was do another great Bones mystery and a story that existed and was sustained on its own merits, and it just happened to have and was cloaked in this style. And I think we did that," Nathan explained.

He also noted the episode is inspired from several Hitchcock classics, including To Catch a Thief and North by Northwest, which are referenced visually in the episode.

The episode is going to explore the characters we know and love in a brand-new (and fun!) way: "We also got a chance to re-introduce Booth and Brennan, see the initial attraction and the blossoming of their romance, again, in new circumstances."

And as for the other characters, it was all about what would be the most fun for each of them to do. Most of the squinterns will be back for the 200th, and even a favorite villain will be a part of it.

Nathan also talked a bit about what fans could expect as the season moves forward. Though it hasn't been decided just yet, there seems to be a good chance that Emily Deschanel's pregnancy may find its way into the story line this season.

Nathan commented that "it's very difficult to hide a pregnancy" and that it could be "an interesting new wrinkle in the show going forward."

As for whether or not the series will continue for another season, that's up to the network. But Nathan is certainly up for it, saying, "we're ready to do whatever the network tells us to do." He also commented that it doesn't feel like the show is ready to end.

Bones Season 10 Episode 10, "The 200th in the 10th," airs this Thursday! Are you excited, Bones Fanatics? 

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