Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 11 Review: Locks Of Love

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We quite possibly witnessed our first major death on Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 11.

There is a good chance that Leo is gone for good.

After hearing the rest of the voicemail he sent April at the conclusion of the summer run of episodes, I’m happy to report he was alive. It only seemed fitting the episode would end with him in another perilous situation, just when we celebrated his safety.

Leo is April’s constant. His prognosis is far bleaker than April’s, yet he still manages to stay upbeat. He loves her. This much is obvious. April’s words about how he had the chance to save himself, but won’t take it, clearly hit a nerve as he finally accepted the surgery.

That final hug before the surgery made me realize just how finite our characters lives are. These two have been put together under the saddest circumstances. I can only imagine how scared Leo must have been during those moments. He puts on this front, but deep down he really is scared of dying.

It's my maybe dying wish.


The song playing at the conclusion of the episode was enough to make anyone emotional. Poor Leo.

I don’t see a future for April and Dominic. The guy just doesn’t seem to understand her as much as Leo does. It’s a classic love triangle, but I think everyone will be rooting for Leo -- if he survives. I don’t know what his death would do to April. She knows he won’t be with her for much longer, but when the time comes, she will be cut up, whether she shows it or not.

On top of a bonus Christmas, Leo and April got to relive their childhood. The two of them acted like kids for the night and snuck over to the kids part of the hospital. I bet both characters longed to be kids again, to be care-free and not worrying about when they would take their final breath.

I can’t begin to imagine what was going through April’s mind as she lost her hair. The hairstyles were beautiful. My favorite was the blond. I would never have expected to see Italia Ricci with that hair color, but it really suited her. They all made April look healthier, but as they got shorter, I prepared for the inevitable. Beth was such a good friend to cut her hair. I expected her to take out the final strand.

I've lost a part of me. Everyday I lose something else.


I didn’t expect April to ask Leo to do it. She obviously knew it would crush Beth to be the one to take the final hair from her head. The scene were we got our first glimpse of their shaved heads was touching.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, however.

Did anyone else love April and Brenna’s other grandparents? They stole pretty much every scene they were in. The rivalry between the two grandmothers was hilarious. Emma was very calm with Lynn, but knew how to push her buttons. Lynn was far too jealous though. I suppose it is a little understandable considering every moment spent with April probably seems so precious now. They brought some much-needed light to a dark episode.

I was really excited when I heard Marion Ross and Ed Asner would appear on the show. The dynamics they brought to the table kept me glued to the screen.

Family gatherings in drama series always lead to arguments. This was no different on Chasing Life. In the spectacular scene, Brenna told her grandparents she was bisexual, which lead to the reveal they knew about Natalie around a year before their son's passing. Sara felt betrayed by this.

Poor April witnessed all of this arguing from her hospital bed and warned the family not to visit her in groups if they are going to act so poorly. The last thing April needs is arguing while she is struggling to get through each day.

The stage was pretty much set for a reunion and everyone, minus Sara, showed up at the hospital to give April an early Christmas. April was probably worrying about making it to next Christmas alive, so it was really nice to celebrate it early with her.

Everyone: It's christmas!
April: It's may!

It was really sad Sara didn’t get to share the faux Christmas with her daughter. I called this development early on in the episode when she sneezed. She must have looked so out of place, being outside the hospital with a Christmas tree. That’s what mom’s are for, to make themselves look stupid to show how much they love their children.

“Locks Of Love” was an excellent appetizer for the second half of Chasing Life Season 1. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Other bits from the episode:

  • Emma’s one-liners this week were hilarious.
  • I missed Greer. I hope she returns in January.
  • I loved the realism of Beth waiting downstairs to avoid seeing Dominic.
  • The shop assistant hitting on Brenna was so awkward.

If you missed any of the developments, you can watch Chasing Life online right here on TV Fanatic.

What did you think of the episode? Is Leo dead? What did you think of the other grandparents? Hit the comments below.

Locks Of Love Review

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Chasing Life Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

It's my maybe dying wish.


No, I get it. It's traumatic, but hair does grow back.