Days of Our Lives Recap: Game Over for Melanie

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Melanie Jonas spent an entire week running around Salem with what looked like hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash in her purse. We love Melanie but sometimes she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. This might be one of those times. 

Mel's reunions with family and friends were somewhat predictable, except for Theresa. Melanie may have more of a sweet side than Theresa but they've both got an edge to them. This relationship could go either way but I'm hoping they don't turn out to be rivals. Theresa could use a friend besides Anne to confide in and these two girls could be a lot of fun. 

Sonny finally got a phone call from Will who was a complete ass. Proving his trip to LA hasn't changed the fact that he's immature and self-centered, Will blamed Sonny for catching flack about not keeping in touch with the mother of his child. He acted as though he's the only person in the world under stress and I kind of wanted to smack him. 

Adrienne called out Sonny about Paul being in town. Apparently these two dated for a year, so it was pretty serious. For once Adrienne had some good advice, Sonny needed to make things very clear to Paul about where they stood. 

One of the sweetest moments of the week was when Sonny told Paul about his wedding to Will and how even conservative Caroline spoke about how lucky they were to live in a world where they could be themselves. It made Will's previous phone call to his husband all the sadder. 

Jennifer made an appointment for a therapist for JJ and continued to push him about Paige. Am I the only one who thinks Jennifer needs to get her own life? JJ is 19. Maybe mommy should stay out of his relationships.

As for JJ and Eve, I think JJ said it best himself…how many times are we going to have this conversation?  It's been weeks of listening to these two rehash their night together. It wasn't that spectacular to watch, never mind listening to these two lament about it over and over again. I'm grateful Eve and Paige are leaving town. We could all use a break.

That said, Eve was right. There's no hope for JJ and Paige once she finds out, which she will if he and Eve keep talking about it every time they meet. I'll chalk up JJ's idealism that things will somehow work out to the rose colored glasses of youth. 

Speaking of sex scenes, Abigail and Ben ended up in bed together...again.  Do they do anything else? Is there any other story here but watching them roll around in the sheets? Not that the view isn't appealing but even that gets boring after a while.  

The upside of this whole story is Chad and the way he manages to get under Ben's skin as he did in this Days of Our Lives quote

Melanie must wonder why after what Abigail's used to she'd settle for a smaller, more economy package.


Zing! At least Ben's learned not to punch Chad every time he insults him. 

As a matter of fact, Chad had most of the best lines this week, but that doesn't mean Victor should be left out. I enjoyed that Victor took the time to sit down and have a face to face conversation with Chad. 

Chad: Is it a crime to try and make your father proud?
Victor: When your father is Stefano DiMera, chances are good, yes.

So true. Stefano even got some screen time in order to torment Kate. Kate does love her bad boys. It all makes me wonder if the truth about Clyde killing EJ will ever come out because if it does, there's no way Clyde will be able to remain in Salem. Stefano will kill him and he won't make it quick.

Finally there was Hope and Aidan. So Aidan was a public defender and an assistant district attorney and his wife had all the money. Not really a big deal but it certainly doesn't sound as though she was very nice about. 

So what does the crazy woman in the square know about Aidan? Is this about his wife's death or is there something new here?  The road to love is never smooth, especially if that road leads through Salem.

Your turn TV Fanatics, pick your favorite line from this week's Days of Our Lives. 

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