Days of Our Lives Recap: Keeping Secrets in Salem

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Will returned home, Eric got a new love interest and Melanie and Theresa started pulling hair this week in Salem.

How is it that Melanie and Theresa went from, Hey you're cool. Let's exchange phone numbers, to You're an evil bitch in under 30 seconds? I'm not sure which was sadder, having two grown women act like brats on a playground or having Maxine break up their little grudge match before it had a chance to get going. 

As much as I generally like Melanie, she's certainly on a tear since she's gotten back from Salem. She did just steal money from a casino. Does she really have the right to be judgmental? Also, I think it's kind of a shame that Melanie and Theresa couldn't have turned out to be friends. Watching these two temperamental bad girls collaborate and console one another could have been a lot more fun over the long term than watching them pull one another's hair. 

Will surprised Sonny by popping back into Salem, only this time it's to stay. Will apparently wants his husband to believe this is some sort of grand romantic gesture so he's not telling him he got fired and is wandering home with his tail tucked between his legs. On the flip side, Sonny was about to make a date with his ex-boyfriend and hasn't shared his workplace woes with his hubby (although in Sonny's defense, he did call Will several times to talk about it.)

Someone should really explain to these two that part of being married is sharing one another's burdens, not hiding them. But with Zoe hiring Will to do an expose on Sonny's ex, Paul, we expect the truth will hit the papers soon enough. 

And was Sonny really dumb enough to sign a contract without having an attorney read through it? His father is an attorney! His uncle probably has a dozen attorneys on retainer. Sonny is about to learn a hard lesson about why friendship and business don't mix, especially when your friend is a DiMera. 

Speaking of Chad, he hit the sheets with Jordan this week and I'm still trying to figure out if he actually cares about her or he's simply stringing her along because it's fun to mess with Ben and Rafe. 

Although it was great to see Rafe doing something. He's been a background character for far too long and I loved his conversation with Victor who was blunt in his ability to commiserate in this Days of Our Lives quote

You know you're not the first guy to let Kate Roberts ruin his life. Hell, you're not even the first guy in this room.


Rafe and Victor teaming up to take down Clyde and possibly Chad has the potential to be a hell of a lot of fun. 

Elsewhere in Salem, newcomer Serena tracked down Eric and I have seriously mixed feelings over this storyline. On the upside, anything that gets Eric to stop brooding and bad mouthing Nicole is a good thing. On the downside, I feel as though we're being force fed a romance we never got the opportunity to see develop. We'll just have to wait and see how this all plays out. 

Of course Nicole spent most of her week in Daniel's universe either helping Daniel or talking about Daniel. I really hope these two stay in the friend zone but from the looks of things it seem highly unlikely. 

That is unless Daniel and Jennifer get back together. Dannifer had their first adult conversation in months. It certainly sounded like they were both acknowledging the end of their romance but I'm afraid to let my guard down. The moment I do I'm scared the show's most annoying couple will find their way back together once again. 

Finally we get to Hope and Aidan. It's the show's one true romance yet they only get a couple of scenes a week and even then it's all about Aidan's foreboding yet mysterious back story. Way to kill the romance, Days of Our Lives.

Salem ran low on snarky one liners this week but you still get to choose which was the best...

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