Days of Our Lives Round Table: Are Dannifer Really Over?

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Chad and Jordan took the next step, Eric found a love from his past and Daniel and Jennifer discussed the end of their relationship on this week's Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando is joined by RoKaAlways and Jack from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to discuss about Daniel and Nicole's potential, Chad's intentions and what disappointed them this week in Salem. 

Days of Our Lives RT - depreciated -

Does Chad really care for Jordan or is he using her?  

Nick: I can never tell for sure with this newer model of Chad. He's playing the DiMera role at every junction, including his best friend Sonny, so I'm tending to lean more towards using her to get back at Ben because he is dating Abigail. 

RoKaAlways:  Remains to be seen, however, I am thinking he's not on the up and up, but later, he may fall for her seriously.

Jack:  I think it's probably a little of both at this point. At first I think he was using her, but I get the sense that he is falling for her. However, that doesn't mean he won't still put his plans over her well-being if it comes to making a choice.

Christine:  Ugh. I wish he actually cared for her and maybe he does but in part I think half the attraction is knowing that their relationship drives Ben, Abigail, Rafe, and even Kate a bit crazy. 

Apparently Eric has a new love interest in Serena. What are your thoughts so far? 

Nick: I'm so glad I invested all of this time into watching Eric and Nicole do their little dance only for Nicole to get back with Daniel and Eric to go back to an old flame with zero ties to anyone on the canvas of the show. Where's the thinking here, honestly? Ericole fans have been waiting and waiting, and the chance of payoff has never truly materialized. At this point they've become fast forward filler.

RoKaAlways: Love Melissa!  Just don't LOVE this pairing.....I guess my heart belongs to Ericole.  But VERY pleased to see Melissa on screen again.

Jack: Definitely mixed. This could be interesting, and I like seeing Eric doing something other than sniping at Nicole (and smiling too!). However, this supposed "deep love" from the past came out of nowhere, which is jarring and annoying.

Christine:  Love the actress but it feels as though we're being forced fed this pairing. Instead of getting to watch a love story grow we're being told all about how it happened. It's not very entertaining story telling. But I do agree, it's great to see Eric smile and do something other than snipe at Nicole. 

Do you want to see Daniel and Nicole in a romantic relationship or should they stay in the friend zone? 

Nick: Ugh, the thought of Daniel freaking Jonas bedding Nicole gives me night terrors.

RoKaAlways: Ugh.  Daniel is in everything.  Honestly, rather have Ericole, and have Daniel go back to Jenn.  Dislike both characters.  As a newer Days fan (1 year and counting)  I can't believe the obvious clamoring of this show to make him important.

Jack:  I'd like for them to become romantic eventually, but only after a long, slow progression and lots of discussions. Their chemistry is off the charts but I don't want their connection shortchanged in a rush to get them to the bedroom.

Christine:  I prefer them as friends. Does Daniel have to be involved with everyone? I know he and Nicole were once casual lovers but I've never felt like they've had a real romantic connection. 

Daniel and Jennifer had a mature conversation about the end of their romantic relationship. Is it really over?  

Nick: Let's hope so, that relationship was even worse than Daniel and Nicole. 

RoKaAlways:  No.

Jack:  I hope so. They were horrible together, and this breakup seems a lot more final. I don't trust that this is the final round, though--what happens after JJ/Eve is finally revealed is anyone's guess.

Christine:  Oh, please, please let it be over! I'm afraid to let me guard down. I think the second I let myself believe it they'll end up finding their way back together once again. 

Melanie and Theresa appear to be sworn enemies. Are you at all disappointed they didn't turn out to be friends?  

Nick: I really wish they were friends. Melanie doesn't need to be a saint, and Theresa could use a girlfriend her own age (as amazing as Anne is).

RoKaAlways:  Not at all.  I may be the only one, but Melanie is uninteresting to me.  I really feel DAYS needs some new male characters that are not 1) gay and 2) teen/twenty young.  There are some great, strong females.  The male department needs helps and fleshing out.

Jack:  Very! They were all set to go have a great time until they found out each other's identities. I think it would be more interesting if they went the unpredictable route and became best friends despite the bad blood between Theresa and all of Melanie's friends and family.

Christine:  I was really hoping they'd have a strange, quirky friendship. Theresa could really use a friend other than Anne and Melanie's no saint herself. I was disappointed that they went from exchanging phone numbers to hair pulling in a matter of seconds. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week?  

Nick: I was disappointed to see Will back. A character that was once my favorite is now a former shell of himself, and I was beginning to enjoy seeing Sonny have some screen time detached from Will by falling back into an old lover's pull.

RoKaAlways:  No Eve.  Not a good thing, Days, not a good thing at all!!!!

Jack:  JJ's so-called "therapy." Everything from Jen's over involvement to the therapist glossing over JJ's issue with self-sabotage made me feel like the writers were just giving lip service to actually giving JJ any support. Plus JJ already had this exact conversation about Jack's rape of Kayla with Daniel.

Christine:  I couldn't believe that Will hid being fired from Sonny and made it sound as though he made the choice to come back to his husband. I look forward to that coming back to blow up in his face. 

What was your favorite scene on this week's Days of Our Lives.  

Nick: Getting to know Paul and Sonny's history.

RoKaAlways:  Anything with Kate.  I love how Lauren portrays this character.  

Jack: I was pleasantly surprised by Daniel and Jen's conversation! I also loved the scenes with Brady, Daniel, Nicole and Melanie.

Christine:  Rafe and Victor. Rafe needs a story and he and Victor working together could be a great pairing. I can't wait to see how this turns out. 

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