Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Belongs With Sonny?

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Aiden almost broke up with Hope, Melanie and Theresa dove into yet another cat fight while, Nicole put the moves on Daniel on last week's Days of Our Lives.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Mikey and Leila from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Clyde vs. Victor showdown, Aiden's reaction and who they think Sonny belongs with after this week in Salem. 

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Clyde vs. Victor. Who wins?

Nick: Clyde somehow won against a DiMera (EJ), but can he win against a Kiriakis? History says no, but considering how nutty the Days writing is right now Clyde can somehow come out on top. Thankfully, Victor's got some good leverage against Clyde now that he's figured it all out, and I'm hoping he'll be sending boring Clyde right out of town.

Mikey: Victor! Clyde is small potatoes, in the grand scheme of things. His threats might have temporarily surprised Victor, but the last thing he should be doing is getting Victor Kiriakis fired up! He will have you locked in a coffin and not blink an eye, Mr. Weston.

Leila:  Well I am without question on Team Victor no matter. Honestly I have liked Clyde as a villain, but these scenes were pushing it a little. The writers are trying to hard with these new characters to give them purpose. First he is responsible for E.J.'s death, now he could possibly take down Victor. It is a little too much too soon for my taste.

Christine:  I'm still baffled that he killed EJ and got away with it. I'd love it if Victor simply picked up the phone and told Stefano his theory. Clyde would end up being tortured in some dungeon never to be seen or heard from again…and if you haven't figure it out yet, I'm team Victor. 

Did Aiden overreact to Hope's questions?

Nick:  I'm tending to fall on Aiden's side of things. I believe that he does want to get a fresh start somewhere else, and his past keeps trying to meddle in his current affairs; I see it as less a matter of overreacting, and more an act of overreaching by the people in Aiden's past. Days could really benefit by doing some real time digging into Aiden's past with flashbacks since his back story is pretty interesting.

Mikey: Absolutely not. Whether or not Aiden is guilty of anything with regards to Meredith's death, it makes sense to be offended -- or at least stressed out and irritated -- by someone essentially questioning whether you killed your wife for money. It's a testament to how new he is to Salem that he was actually appalled by this instead of being like, "Yeah, it happens sometimes. Now I have to go have lunch with the person who blackmailed me/stole my child/murdered my mother."

Leila:  I am a little torn on this one. Aiden made an excellent point that he has never questioned her about Bo. However, Aiden is being accused of some very serious things and it would be foolish of Hope to just ignore it. The reality is they really don't know each other all that well, and Aiden has been around Hope's daughter so I believe she has the responsibility to ensure that her safety and the safety of her daughter. Hope is not 20 years old anymore and has been a cop most of her adult life, it would be naive to just have blind faith when it comes to Aiden.

Christine:  No, but that doesn't mean that Hope doesn't have the right to ask questions. That said, if Aiden is innocent I can completely understand that Bree's phone call felt like the last straw. I just hope that Days doesn't drag this storyline out too long. I'd rather watch Hope and Aidan deal with other issues than his possibly murderous past. 

is there currently a young, female character worth rooting for in Salem?

Nick: Ciara Brady! So long as they keep the same awesome actress they have right now and bide their time to have her grow into the role. 

Mikey: For me, there are three: Abigail, Melanie, and Theresa, all in very different ways. Abigail's relationship with Ben and her occasional holier-than-thou-ness can bug me, but they feel realistic. Melanie's an impulsive spaz, but she has a good heart. And Theresa's such a mess that I can't help but root for her to get her act together and stop self-destructing (though I still want to know *why* she is this way). Oh, I'm also rooting for Paige… to go to Stanford ASAP and never show her face in Salem again!

Leila:  Honestly I am really rooting for Jeanie (Theresa), and I don't really know why. Maybe it is the way Jen Lilley plays her, but I like her way more than I like Abigail, Melanie or Serena. It really bothers me how practically the whole town of Salem including members of her own family are constantly acting like she is the devil herself. There are plenty of people in Salem who have done far worse than anything Jeanie has ever done. The worst was when Eve told Brady that Jeanie was beneath him, like if Kristin, Nicole, Chloe, Madison, and Arianna were all saints. I think it is past due for the writers to start exploring the true reason why Jeanie is so damaged. 

Christine: Nick and I are thinking the same thing. I love Ciara Brady. She has huge potential and the young actress who plays her is a gem. I'd gladly watch more of Ciara than many of the characters currently on the screen. 

Who would you rather see Sonny with romantically, Will, Paul, or someone new?

Nick: Paul by a mile. I wish Will had stayed in LA with how much I loathe his whiplash emotional states and treatment of Sonny.

Mikey:  It's tough to know right now. I think Sonny and Will do love each other, but they are very young, both in terms of actual age and life experience/maturity. Their problems have to do with the fact that they didn't take enough time before launching into marriage and raising a child together. Sonny and Paul have chemistry, and I get why Sonny remains intrigued by Paul, but Paul is hardly in a place to be in a serious relationship, either. Maybe it wouldn't kill any of these people to be normal 20-somethings and date for a while!

Leila:  I am not really rooting for anyone at this point. I would like to see the triangle play out for a little longer before I start choosing sides. It is about time WilSon had some drama between them. It is long overdue in my opinion. 

Christine:  I was such a big fan of Sonny and Will in the beginning but every time Will opens his mouth I want to send him out of town. Sonny deserves better but I'm not sure that guy is Paul who has a lot of his own issues. I'm with Leila on this one, I'd like to see how this whole messy triangle plays out. 

Does Nicole have real feelings for Daniel or is she just using him to prove to Eric that he's over him?

Nick: This is part of Nicole's standard emotional operations; Nicole gets her heart broken, and pretends to have feelings (or she thinks she has feelings) for Daniel freaking Jonas until a new man comes into town. Instead of this trope, Days should be giving it a go with Brady or Eric for Nicole. At least hope is still alive with how obsessive she is about Eric and Serena.

Mikey:  I think Nicole cares for Daniel as a friend and is grateful for the support he has given her, and there's been a physical attraction in the past, so she's slotting him into that role in her life because she's lonely and wanting to get over Eric.

Leila:  I hope she is not doing it just to make Eric jealous. I am done with Nicole trying so hard for Eric. I want Nicole to move on, and for Eric to then realize what jerk he was and to fight for her. Although I don't want Daniel and Nicole, I want Nicole with Rafe.

Christine:  Ugh. I hate this plot. Whether she realizes it consciously or not, Nicole is using Daniel to either get over Eric or get his attention and like Nick pointed out, we've been down this road before. Right now I don't see anyone in Salem who would make a good match for Nicole but I wish there was someone, finally. 

Was there anything that disappointed you this week?

Nick: Will, by a mile, I'm so over this version of his character. He needs a personality change, preferably back to the one he had a year or so ago.

Mikey:  I'm a little disappointed in Nicole for obsessing over Eric (and Serena) so much. He's been such an unrelenting jerk to her. Like Idina Menzel sings, let it go! I was also disappointed in JJ moping over Paige -- you should be throwing a parade, kid!

Leila:  I am really disappointed with the introduction with Serena. They are just trying too hard with this character. I also find this whole Melanie vs. Jeanie (Theresa) thing extremely immature and hypocritical especially considering Melanie flat out admitted she used to once be just like her.

Christine:  Oh where to begin. Melanie lashing out at Theresa again, Nicole making the moves on Daniel for all the wrong reasons or Will not bothering to bring his daughter to see her mother. When did Will become such an insensitive, selfish, jerk. 

What was your favorite scene or story line on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Nick: I'm continually loving Hope and Aiden. The two are a real bright spot in an otherwise dull few months for the show.

Mikey:  It's honestly tough for me to say, which goes to show what a dull week this was. I'm enjoying a lot of Paul's scenes (and I think he has chemistry with both Sonny and Will), and I thought the dinner party at Daniel's was nice just to see people enjoying each other's company without shouting and being sarcastic and rude.

Leila:  My favorite scene is the scene where Sony finally stood up to Wil. It was about time.

Christine:  Hope and Aidan continue to be the only source of true romance on the show. Other than that it was good to see Sonny finally tell Will off. 

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