Forever Finale Preview: Ioan Gruffudd Teases Adam's Identity, More Flashbacks

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Will Henry survive a cab ride when the cabbie is his mysterious, anonymous caller, who we've come to call "Adam?"

We'll find out in the exciting opening minutes of Forever Season 1 Episode 10. We'll also discover, as series creator Matt Miller teased to us back at New York Comic Con, the identity of the man who claims to be just as immortal as Henry.

What happens next? Will Henry's life get easier once he finds out who Adam actually is? Or will he run again as we've seen him do in the  past when people find out his secret? And will he ever tell Jo everything?

Series star Ioan Gruffudd jumped on the phone with me late last week to tease what we'll witness in the mid-season finale and beyond on Forever Season 1...

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TV Fanatic: When we last left Henry, he was stuck in a cab driven by ‘Adam.’ Where do we pick up in this next episode.

Ioan Gruffudd: It’s pretty wild and the episode itself is brilliant. It’s the culmination of where we are with the story and reveals who Adam is.

TVF: I know we’ll find out Adam’s identity but will we find out exactly what he wants?

IG: In this episode we don’t’ really get into all that but it’s really, really clever. Adam wants to prove that he’s immortal to Henry because that’s the one thing I’ve been doubting and challenging. We pick in the cab with Adam driving erratically and saying he’s going to kill somebody [and] I can’t quite see his face. It’s a beautiful episode. You’re going to love it.

TVF: I know viewers have been wanting Henry to confide in Jo about who he is but he has yet to do that. What will it take for him to finally confide in her?

IG: It’s a good question and people have been bringing this up on Twitter but what we need, I think, is a couple of seasons to get to that point. Personally, the way I feel right now, I’d be slightly disappointed if Henry did that. I would think ‘where do we go?’ Part of the fun of it is that she doesn’t know. I don’t know.

Alana [de la Garza, who plays Jo] came up with something pretty great and she said wouldn’t it be great if Henry and Jo started to get it together, Henry would run to her house and in her house Henry discovered an entire room dedicated to Henry and her profiling Henry.

TVF: I like that!

IG: Isn’t that cool? That would be brilliant! But to answer your question, I personally wouldn’t want that to happen and I know it’s something people are dying to see but I’d wonder where do we go from there?

TVF: Is it always Henry’s instinct to run when someone finds out his secret? We’ve seen the flashbacks and it seems he’s constantly having to move on.

IG: Absolutely and we see that in this episode. The moment that it all hits too close to him, he decides to run. Abe tries to persuade him to tell Jo, tell the cops, because we need protection now because this guy is insane, he’s immortal and up to no good so we have to tell the cops. Henry says ‘nobody is going to believe me. I’m going be sent back to the madhouse!’

TVF: The flashbacks are great because we get some great information about Henry. What do we see in this mid-season finale?

IG: The episode is about trusting somebody so the question is can Henry trust Jo? Abe tells him to trust Jo, tell Jo. The flashbacks are all about Henry in the lunatic asylum and he was put there by his wife and him trying to persuade everyone that he’s not bad and I go through all this horrific testing.

TVF: Henry has lived such a long life. Does he have a sense of home and does he long to have that?

IG: Yes, I think he loves New York, he loves his time with Abigail and Abe growing up and then goodness knows what happened with Abigail. Did she pass? It’s something we don’t know but I think that was a very happy time in his life. Although he’s had families in the past, no doubt, but I think this one is the real true love.

TVF: Since we find out the identity of Adam, will the show feel different knowing that moving into the new year?

IG: We’re only on the second episode after the big reveal and Adam hasn’t reappeared yet but he’s coming back in the episode that we shoot. It will have the same feel because Henry’s secret is still safe. It’s pretty hard to sustain suspense and sustain twists and turns for 22 episodes but we’re going to have a few episodes in between which will bridge the episodes until we get to the next reveal.

TVF: How have you taken the success of the show and what you’re hearing from fans?

IG: It’s wonderful. The numbers aren’t massive compared to what’s on the other networks on that night but there’s definitely a passionate audience there and I see that in the ratings and the live + 7 numbers. People want to watch the show but Tuesday night is taken up, I guess, watching other networks so they DVR it but the Twitter response is incredible, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to see the fruits of your labor come into fruition and people actually responding.

TVF: Now, the holidays are coming up so I’m curious if you’re going to be able to indulge or do you have to watch what you eat because, well, you’re naked a lot on the show!

IG: [laughs] You know, I’ve been pretty good over the years in general. As much as I love food, I just developed a reasonable discipline over the years to looking after yourself. Of course it gets harder and harder the older you get. Shooting the show, I’m burning a lot of calories through the day but I do miss having enough time to properly work out. So far, so good!  

Forever Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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