Homeland Season 4 Episode 10 Review: 13 Hours in Islamabad

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Us or them.

When a decision to protect Pakistani assets or save lives inside the Embassy is on the table, Lockhart chooses his own people.

Unfortunately for Lockhart, Haqqani isn't a man you negotiate with and Haqqani takes Fara's life regardless of the information he's given. 

If there's one thing you can say about Homeland Season 4 Episode 10, it was an incredibly fast installment. Not only did it come in under the normal air time in terms of minutes, it was almost nonstop action for much of it. It was brilliantly fierce in its delivery.

An Embassy Breach - Homeland

In real life, a man like Haqqani probably wouldn't have been at the Embassy, sending his goons instead, and if he did make it inside and had Fara in his arms, he would have sawed her head off. Thankfully, our bad guy bucked tradition all around.

In the "next Benghazi" Martha discovered she's out of her depth. The Pakistaki people don't care about the Americans and their interests. Lockhart figured that out long before, and let out a string of expletives at every wrong turn. 

Some people may find it crass to toss out profanity instead of using their words, but when faced with intense and dire circumstances, using your words hardly seems appropriate. Instead a trail of cursing seems the most likely way to express the inadequacy of rational thought in situation.

Characters were tested in "13 Hours in Islamabad." Some were found lacking while others rose above the challenge. 

John Redmond never made it out of the convoy. I knew as soon as we started to enjoy him he would disappear. He'll be missed.

Lockhart put his people first. Yes, it's necessary to have assets but what good are they if everyone else is dead? When the country you're in thinks you're worthless, it's difficult to take the higher ground.

Martha fell prey to her loser husband. As he was attempting (successfully) to manipulate her to help him kill himself, it was impossible not to shout about the trouble she'd face if it was discovered she helped someone accused of high treason to kill himself. It was even worse when, after she got up the courage to shuttle him off this earth, he couldn't even do it. What an embarrassment. So much for his gallant nature. He just needed to call the shots one more time. Let's not even talk about his little wave to Martha from his handcuffs.

Max watched his friend and coworker die and made sure to take a life out in the process, but he also had some choice words for Carrie. It was a touching moment prompting Carrie to do the right thing by calling Fara's father to notify him of his daughter's death.

Saul looked old and responded to interrogation by Quinn in the same manner. His moment in the SUV of getting back to himself was crushed when he realized everything he had just gone through had gone to hell. Nonetheless, he didn't want to leave without Carrie.

The President is sending in a fleet and officially pulling out of Pakistan, but Carrie stays behind to look after Quinn. She got him over there when he was almost out and feels responsible for him being on the loose, going all Die Hard on the terrorists. 

Can Quinn pull off a John McClane or Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson in Taken) vengeance trick? He sure wants to try. It's highly doubtful we'll go from realism to a more action movie stance, but it would sure make me feel better to think it was a possibility. There has been enough death already. 

Whatever is in store must be big because critics have a blackout to early access. We'll be screaming in the thick of it with everyone else, trying to put our thoughts down immediately following. With adrenaline pumping and a deadline looming, it makes it even more thrilling!


If you haven't seen the previews and want to keep it light, stop reading. If you watched what's ahead, forge on.

Aasar went along with Tasneem's suggestion (if it was one) to wait ten minutes before calling in reinforcements after Carrie called him. Next week he lays it down as either him or Quinn coming out alive. 

Aasar is just another asset in Pakistan. He failed when Carrie needed him most. Who do you think Carrie will want to survive? Sure, Quinn may be taking rogue tactics, but if it comes down to Aasar's head or Quinn's, I'm betting the decision is pretty easy for Carrie.

Your turn! Did the deaths hurt tonight? Was your heart pounding as you watched the drama unfold? Hit the comments and share your thoughts.

13 Hours in Islamabad Review

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Homeland Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Saul: Carrie! Carrie! What are you doing?!
Carrie: I'm trying to kill the mother fuckers who are trying to kill us, what do you think I'm doing?!

This isn't a drill.