Joseph Morgan Teases The Originals Holiday Episode, Mikaelson Family Reunion

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Raise your hand if you were bummed that there was no new episode of The Originals last night? Good! So glad to know I wasn't alone in my sadness.

And you'll be glad to know that I have a bit of a cure for you!

During a recent set visit in Atlanta, Joseph Morgan dished and discussed all things Mikaelson family, chiefly their reunion on The Originals Season 2 Episode 9 next Monday night. For the first time in a long time, we'll see all five Mikaelson children together again. Julie Plec teased that there will be some happy moments, and Morgan confirmed her statement.

The Map of Moments:

When last we saw Klaus Mikaelson, he was telling Rebekah to head to the place they went when they escaped Mikael in the 1920s. We'll see them there again in next week's episode. 

This will be as close to a happy holiday as the Mikaelson children are likely to get, and Morgan calls it a "real human moment." The siblings will all have to come together to devise a way to work together (or not) against Esther, and a reunion of this nature has been brewing for quite a while.

On Fatherhood and Hope:

We'll see Klaus and Hayley reunited with their daughter. What does Joseph Morgan think about Klaus as a father? Take a look:

In short, he hopes Klaus doesn't screw this one up and thinks that, if there is a chance for his character's redemption, Hope is the key. 

On Dahlia's Return:

Because Klaus wants nothing more than for his daughter to grow up happy and safe, Dahlia poses the biggest threat of them all. If anything can bring the Mikaelson siblings together, it's their shared desire to protect the innocent baby.

As they will all soon realize, Esther isn't the evil they all thought she was. (She's still evil, but not as evil as Dahlia.) Will they be able to work together and will doing so truly reunite this family? We'll definitely watch The Originals online to see what happens.

For even more of The Originals and Joseph Morgan, head over to the TV Fanatic YouTube channel for eight more JoMo moments from our set visit!

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