Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Win Me

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Every little girl dreams about her wedding, and sharing that special day with another couple is not usually on the wish list.

Unfortunately for Annie, Kevin 2 has dreamed about his big day as well. What followed was a bride war between father and daughter on Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7.

Like the previous installment, this week's episode took time to further develop the Kevins as separate people. It's clear now that Annie takes after Kevin 2. They're both highly emotional and dramatic people. Neither of them wanted to give up cousin Scooby at their weddings.

Nat Faxon is always hilarious, and I enjoyed the character of cousin Scooby. I just wish we got more from him. Hopefully we'll see him again in the future. It's not hard to see why Annie and Kevin 2 would want him at their weddings.

Of course this is a comedy, so Annie and Kevin 2 took the whole situation and escalated it to a place it wouldn't need to go in real life.

Annie: Scooby why don't you just take your time and decide who's wedding you'll be at, and we'll roll with it because that's what I'm known for, rolling with it.
Kevin 2: You can call me Adele 'cause I'm rolling in the deep.
Annie: And I'm just rolling with the homies.
Kevin 2: Papa's like a rolling stone. Rollin' rollin' down the river.

Still, it was great to see Casey Wilson and Dan Bucatinsky act off one another. They're chemistry is fantastic, and it's obvious how much influence he's had in her life.

What was more striking was how much Jake is like Kevin 1. They say a girl ends up marrying a version of her father, so it would make sense she would find someone to resemble Kevin 1, since she acts just like Kevin 2. Jake and Kevin 1 are the more level-headed ones in their relationships.

Jake's used to the craziness that is Annie and her family, and he's always there to meddle when need be. I really like Jake's straight man to Annie's drama queen. Watching his reactions to her are always a highlight in this show.

Annie: Hey bae.
Jake: Is bae really that much shorter than babe? It's literally the same amount of syllables.
Annie: But that extra "b" makes my mouth so tired.

The ending of the episode was predicable with Annie and Kevin 2 making up, but I loved watching them get there. Now all we need are scenes between Annie and Kevin 1, so we can see their dynamic. 

Last week I mentioned how I didn't mind Gil in the episode. Well I take it back this week. Gil just wasn't doing it for me this time. I know he's supposed to be a lovable loser, but it's not clicking. He's not sympathetic, he's just pathetic. 

Befriending the kids was weird on so many levels. I'm sure that was probably the point, but it played creepy. I don't know what they can do with this character to make him more worthy of rooting for. His funny off-handed comments can't save him forever.

Law & Order's not going to watch itself. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it could because it's that awesome.


I liked seeing Dennah and Kay pair up, but I still haven't learned anything new about them. Again, the only information we have so far is that Dennah is a teacher and dates a lot, and Kay is a lesbian. I need more character development! 

The Law & Order aspect of the episode could have been played up a little bit more. I know so many people who are obsessed with Law & Order marathons. It's a real thing, and people get sucked in.

Once again, the main issue is the supporting characters. They need to have more involved storylines if we are to care about them. I still think showing these characters at their jobs would allow for a ton of story possibilities.

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode. Do you think Annie and Kevin 2 will be able to keep their wedding ideas separate? Will Gil ever get his act together. What would you like to see from Dennah and Kay? Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up on all the episodes when you watch Marry Me online

Win Me Review

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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Law & Order's not going to watch itself. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it could because it's that awesome.


Gil: So my place is getting fumigated 'cause I have fleas from that alley cat I fought.
Kay: It was just a piece of chicken, man. You should've let it go.