Modern Family Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Haley's 21's Birthday

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Happy 21st birthday Haley Dunphy! You can now toss out those fake IDs!

Modern Family Season 6 Episode 10 marked the celebration of Haley's momentous birthday and her celebration with her family.

Even though it seemed more "Haley" to be out partying with her friends, she quickly explained why she was with her family instead.

Yes I'm a huge dork for celebrating my 21st with my family, but my mom was crazy excited to go to a bar with me, or just go to a bar.

We all know Claire loves to throw back that Chardonnay! 

It was cute that she was trying to be Haley's buddy finally, but that was impossible to achieve in one night. It's also impossible to achieve if you are the ultra controlling super-mom Claire Dunphy. Although, mad respect for her answer in "Would You Rather?" There is zero chance my mother knows who Tom Hardy is.

I loved the groups that were together for this episode. It always cracks me up when we catch Jay warming up to Phil and showing his love in a way that only Jay can. It was also great that Phil finally tried to stand up for himself and tell Jay that his car shopping technique was from the 70s.

The best part of that scenario was when the car salesman had Phil lay on the horn so he could tell him the truth. Man to man, from somebody else with a difficult father-in-law, here's the deal. "I love you too Jay!"

Back at the bar, the girls were getting drunk as loco puffs while Cam and Mitchell tried to convince themselves they were still the young hip gay guys that the bachelorettes want to hang with. Time to pull out the moves!

Cam: Umm well I can raise the roof and do the cabbage patch.
Mitchell: And I can do the single lady hand thing.
Cam: Yeah but put your neck into it or you just look like the Queen waving.

Sadly Cam, I don't think those girls were old enough to even know what the Cabbage Patch was. It's okay, at least they didn't follow through with the tattoo. Poor Claire now has one that looks like it is dedicated to crazy DeDe!

Well at least none of them had to explain where babies come from! I sincerely was doubled over laughing at Luke's description of how babies are made.

Luke [to Lily]: Okay a boy and a girl meet a frat party and they both think each other is totally hot. So they pound their beers and head upstairs-
Manny: Luke! Stop. She's not hearing this from you.

Make sure you watch Modern Family online if you want to see the best conversation to ever go down between Luke and Manny! Manny was pretending to be the demure girl puppet and Luke was pretending to be the horny guy puppet. You knew how that one was going to go.

Despite Luke boasting about his "browser history" someone may need to explain to him how babies are truly made after Lily's detailed but insane explanation. 

What was your favorite part of Modern Family Season 6 Episode 10? 

Haley's 21's Birthday Review

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Lily: Are you a nerd?
Alex: No. Why would you ask me that?
Lily: It's friday night and you're doing homework.

Leaving Phil with a car salesman is like covering a baby goat in barbecue sauce and dropping it in the middle of the Serengeti.