NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 10 Review: Reign Fall

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After a brief hiatus, NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 10 marked the the initiation of the show's newest reviewer – me! Hopefully, I get the names right.

I didn't know what to expect going into tonight's episode (having only seen the original NCIS, and even that, only in bits and pieces). I was definitely relieved it was a typical case-of-the-week type deal, rather than having to do with a larger story arc.

Still, there were some minor emotional plot lines touched upon on Hanna's end, and I'm glad he found time for that phone call in between all the day-saving and everything.

Seriously though, it was clear Hanna was definitely on his game tonight – saving the day multiple times, including that explosive conclusion. 

He also seemed to appreciate the sound advice from Callen – he may have actually had it good, to some degree:

No one ever pushed me. People push you when they care.


One thing to note is I was surprised at how easily the group agreed to put Johnson back out in the way of harm. They all embraced the idea without much hesitation, and I feel as if using a husband/father for bait should require some more deliberation. But I admit that they were racing the clock in order to prevent another death. 

The family, mainly Borders, was more resistant to the idea – but Johnson claimed it was his duty:

Borders: What about us? What about Devin?
Sergeant Johnson: Even more reason to do this.

Hanna had already taken a liking to Devin – and his diligent methods – but everyone was equally silenced during this exchange with his father:

Sergeant Johnson: Cadet!
Devin: Sir!
Sergeant Johnson: What would you?
Devin: We put our lives on the line for the greater good. We don't run away from an opportunity to save others.

It should be the type of valor that ran in their family's blood, and not all familial situations were as affecting as the Mills' household, or for a younger Hanna.

As far as Richard Mills is concerned, I'm with Deeks:

Wow, well, he's a few crayons short of a full box.


However, as it turns out, it's Richard's abusive family history that's at the core of tonight's episode. His mother's second husband, an overbearing military man, led to the actions now being committed by David and, by proxy, Richard. 

One good thing that came out of this encounter was Hanna's superhuman dive through a glass window in order to capture David alive. If only regular cops put that much effort into apprehending a suspect. 

As for the rest of the episode, the scenes meant to be dramatic, or maybe just eerie, didn't really appear to be so. They came off more as forced, and even boring to an extent – the "Mockingbird" motif was interesting, but didn't do much to add to my experience.

No matter the amount of shoehorned action (shoot-outs and explosions alike), I wasn't able to keep from feeling uninterested in the premise. If only the issues confronted were presented in a more relatable manner, rather than a family as hard to sympathize with as tonight's. The brothers came off as deranged more than as victims. 

If you want to see more, head over to watch NCIS: Los Angeles online, but, in the meantime, leave your thoughts down below! Did you enjoy the return of the show as much as you'd hoped? Or was it somewhat of a letdown? I know I said I don't follow the show, but I'd have to assume it was closer to the latter – although it wasn't terrible, by any means.

Finally, check out the NCIS: Los Angeles quotes page for a play-by-play of tonight's military-centric murder mystery. I hope you enjoyed the episode more than I did!

Reign Fall Review

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