NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 11 Review: Humbug

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On NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 11, a few necessary revelations were made in order for all parties involved to grow as a whole. 

The reveal of Joelle was well done and I have to admit I enjoyed her character. She seemed to be genuinely in love with Callen, and vice versa. Although I hoped she would stray from the cliche of being overly affected by Callen's eventual revelation, I understood why she was hurt – she had been deceived Callen, even though, in her eyes, Callen was the true "humbug." 

Joelle: And Sam, I'm guessing he's not in the medical equipment field is he?
Callen: No.
Joelle: And Michelle?
Callen: They're kids are just kids though.

However, I was happy she came back around at the end of the episode. Her first question to Callen – regarding his infamous first name – was a perfect, and hilarious, way to close out the episode: 

Joelle: And that's your family?
Callen: Yeah and I want you to meet them.
Joelle: I can't meet them Callen. Not until I meet you.
Callen: Okay. What do you want to know about me?
Joelle: Hmm, well. How bout we start with your first name
Callen: That's a little bit complicated.

How she will ultimately deal with the Callen's true self remains to be seen after the holidays, but I wouldn't mind if she stuck around in her side-character capacity. 

Callen probably should've laid off the wine when he was at Joelle's house protecting her from Billy, but thankfully Kensi and Deeks were keeping watch. Kensi's take down in the front yard was as stealthy as it was awesome.

However, Callen wasn't about to be one-upped by Billy – his spectacular tackle during their scuffle was all that it took to turn the tables in his favor.

Despite the seriousness of the stolen malware, the hour had a lighthearted tempo making what could have been a dour topic enjoyable. Many relationships were strengthened in true holiday spirit. 

Sam's longing to see his son was palpable, and so was his joy at not only getting his wish granted, but also learning his son was recently promoted to cadet sergeant. 

Kensi and Deeks also had some kinks to workout, thought not as many as Joelle and Callen. Awkward invites to ski trips and Deeks constantly putting his foot in his mouth aside, this exchange promises some substantial growth for the couple:

Kensi: Just you and me. Kensi and Deeks. Deeks and Kensi. Alone we're bold, we're brash, we can move mountains. And, together we're, um,
Deeks: We're safe. Yeah I know.
Kensi: I want to be bold Deeks, but I want to be bold with you.
Deeks: So no more games then?
Kensi: No more games.

Cue the kiss.

Although Kensi believes their professions cater to practicality rather than their personal needs, I hope they find a way to make it work. In these situations, it's usually one, or both, members of a relationship psyching themselves out because they're afraid. But if that scene was any indication, I think they might just make it.

Other highlights included Hetty in her usual element – scaring the crap out of suspects:

I may just drop you into general population at Twin Towers prison.


As well as this small back and forth between her and Owen:

Hetty: You Grinch, I know there's a heart in there somewhere.
Owen: You're right, I'm just not telling you were it is.

An eventful, yet ultimately cheerful hour, I enjoyed "Humbug" a great deal more than last week's return, and I look forward to following the show when it returns after the New Year.

I'd like to add a short disclaimer: I know a few readers were understandably upset last week over my lack of familiarity with the show, so I went to the NCIS experts (the original, LA, and now New Orleans) – my parents.

They were excited to be of assistance and being home for the holidays allowed me the privilege of watching the episode with them, while simultaneously being schooled on the topic. It was weird to say the least, seeing as how I'm usually the "TV fanatic" in the house (see what I did there), but thank you all for providing me the stepping stones to this enjoyable evening.

As for now, watch NCIS: Los Angeles online to rewatch the reveal of Callen's new love interest, and head over to the NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes page for more noteworthy moments. Leave any comments you may have down below, and let me know what you thought about the introduction of Joelle as an actual character, as well as the development between Kensi and Deeks.

See you all after the holidays!

Humbug Review

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NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Kensi: I think he'll love it because it's coming from you.
Deeks: Not saying he wouldn't enjoy a leather gym bag even more though.

The level at which you understand marriage is outstanding.