Once Upon a Time Round Table: Here Comes the Spell

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The spell of Shattered Sight was bearing down on Storybrooke and everyone was scrambling on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 10.

Below, TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam, Allison Nichols and Robin Harry are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to share who they want to see under the spell, what they thought of the Frozen reunion and what was their favorite scene from "Fall."

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Who are you most looking forward to seeing under the influence of the spell?

Stacy: Regina. I know she locked herself in her vault, but it's her own magic so I'm pretty sure she can get out of it. I am glad Regina has reformed, but evil Regina was fantastic so I would be okay with getting another one time only dose of her. 

Mary Kate: Too many people. I'm excited to see Regina in Evil Queen mode again, and Snow fighting her back. I would say Henry, but I guess, thanks to Rumple, he won't have the opportunity to be under the curse. Though, I bet he would have a lot to say to people. 

Gareth: Definitely Regina. It will be a lot of fun seeing the Evil Queen let loose in Storybrooke. She's been gone for far too long. I'm also interested in seeing Snow and Charming go at it. There's a lot of pent up frustrations between them. 

Allison: Mary Margaret and Charming. While I am really excited to see Regina unleash her Evil Queen self, but we have seen her be evil. We haven't seen Mary Margaret or Charming channel their dark side all that much. It will be fun to see them not betheir cheery selves. The promo showed a Mary Margaret and Regina show down, which I'm so pumped for.

Robin: I really, REALLY want to see Regina under the spell's influence.  She's fought so hard to keep the darkness in her under control, but I have a feeling that Regina under this spell will be more dangerous than she's ever been. 

Do you think Mr. Gold will be able to have his power and keep Belle?

Stacy: No, he's the villain and villains can't get what they want! This is all going to blow up in his face and he'll lose both in the end. 

Mary Kate: No. Or at least he shouldn't be able too. I don't think Belle should forgive him. Even though he is trying to keep her safe right now, he still lied and is way too power hungry to have the relationship stay like it was. 

Gareth: I think Gold is heading for a very big fall, I think he is going to lose everything. Belle will leave him if she finds out what he has done, his actions have been really despicable this year. I'm really hoping he has been under some kind of evil enchantment all along because his actions are so out of step with where they took his character last season. Maybe they built him up as a redeemed hero too soon? 

Allison: No. I am really hoping Belle starts to put the pieces together and figures out that something isn't right. She is a very bright person, and it would be great to showcase that. Belle will have a thing or two to say to Rumple when she finds out, that's for sure.

Robin: Absolutely not. He's betraying her with every step, every word he says.  She loves him and believes that he's changed, and he's been using that to his advantage.  The minute that hits the light, Belle will be out of there. 

What did you think of Elsa and Anna's long awaited reunion?

Stacy: I loved it! I figured out the necklace was the wishing star before they revealed it. I was a little concerned when Elsa wished for Anna to be with her. For a second I thought Anna was going to magically appear next to her and Kristoff would be left in the ocean. The whole scene was really sweet though and I'm glad they're finally back together. 

Mary Kate: It was sweet. It lived up to any thoughts I had had about the reunion. OUAT has kept the bond of Anna and Elsa very true to the film, which I enjoy very much and was shown perfectly in their reunion. 

Gareth: It was very cute. As soon as the necklace was found, I had a feeling it would be key in leading Elsa to Anna. 

Allison: There were tears. I loved it. I love that it happened when Anna and Elsa weren't expecting it, and I'm so happy that this "where is Anna" storyline has been wrapped up. I also really loved Kristoff and Anna reuniting with David. It was hilarious.

Robin: While I think the whole "wishing star" thing was a bit rushed and convenient, I'll admit I got a bit choked up at the reunion. Elsa's joy and relief at seeing her sister was incredibly moving.

Who do you think will break the Shattered Sight spell?

Stacy: I think it will be a team effort between Emma, Elsa, Anna, and Belle. Belle's immune thanks to Rumple and I think she'll finish the spell using Anna to break the curse while Emma and Elsa deal with the Snow Queen. 

Mary Kate: I'm thinking Elsa will ultimately stop the curse. But, I think Emma and Anna will help with the journey of stopping Ingrid. I think it would be important for Elsa fight back against Ingrid considering this whole thing started with Elsa and Ingrid in Arendelle. I wonder if the message in a bottle will be help?

Gareth: I think Elsa and Emma will break the spell somehow. The answer to their problem is probably in that bottle.  I also think True Love's Kiss will play a part. I wouldn't be surprised if we are building up to Emma saving Hook with it. 

Allison: Odds are the savior will be the one to do it, but I'm hoping for a good amount of teamwork. Emma and Elsa will probably have to remove their yellow ribbons in order to stop it, or maybe they can figure out how to channel Ingrid's power with the ribbons. I'm hoping for some great Anna/Elsa/Emma scenes next week!

Robin: I think Elsa and Emma together will be the ones to break the spell.  They're the only two with magic that are currently immune to it, and I think they'll be the downfall of the Ice Queen.

Is Hook unable to tell Emma that Mr. Gold has his heart or just unwilling?

Stacy: I think he's unable to tell her. Mr. Gold is controlling him and there's no way he'd want Emma to know the truth right now. Emma's reaction to their kiss made me think she suspects something is up but didn't have time to think about it right then.

Mary Kate: I don't believe he is unwilling. He's fighting so hard to just stay alive as long as he can so he could have a chance of surviving. I don't think Rumple would hesitate for a second to kill him if he revealed his plan to Emma. I think there is also the problem that since Rumple controls the heart he has the ability to force Hook not to tell. 

Gareth: The rules around heart control are really unclear. We saw Regina instructing Sheriff Graham to do things while holding his heart.  At all other times, I think a person has free will and can still make choices. Hook could have made the choice to tell Emma but I think the overall fear of having his heart crushed keeps him terrified and silent. 

Allison: He can't. I agree that there haven't been a lot of explaining in terms of what happens when someone has your heart. Hook isn't an idiot. He knows that Rumple can crush him in a second (almost said heartbeat), and Rumple would be glad to do it. So either Hook is actually incapable of telling Emma the truth due to Rumple controlling him or Hook knows he wouldn't get two words out before his heart is crushed. Emma definitely figured out something was up after she kissed him goodbye. I think she has figured it out.

Robin: Hook absolutely is unable to tell Emma. Gold's possession of Hook's heart gives him complete control over him, and there's no way that Gold would let Hook tell Emma what's going on.  That would bring an unnecessary complication to his plan - not to mention it would turn his grandson against him. 

What was your favorite scene of the episode?

Stacy: I really enjoyed the whole episode but I think I have to go with Elsa and Anna's reunion. We've been waiting all season for them to find each other and I really liked the way the two stories came together at the end. 

Mary Kate: I really enjoyed the entire episode as a whole, but my favorites were either Kristoff and Anna in the trunk under water or everything in the Sheriff's Station. Anna tearfully reciting vows to Kristoff before they were freed just broke my heart. I love their relationship so much more thanks to the OUAT story. The Sheriff's Station also had a lot of sad moments with Emma and her parents/brother and Emma and Hook. But, there were also some lighter moments when Kristoff and David had their little reunion. 

Gareth:  Some great moments between Snow and Regina. Snow’s snappy line about being mayor was hilarious. I also found Hook's predicament with Gold really interesting, intrigued as to how things will play out with them . The final scene as the spell descended was really well done as well. 

Allison: I loved the scene where Mary Margaret tells Emma that she has to lock up her parents in cells. The acting is superb. Emma's reaction was absolutely heartbreaking. You could tell she was having a mini panic attack right there. A close second is Regina informing the Charmings that they are leaders and not heroes at this moment. It is a great scene for Regina. She proves that she makes an excellent leader even if she isn't always a hero.

Robin: I think I have to go with Anna and Elsa's reunion on the beach. It was a beautiful moment.

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