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Swords were drawn and crossbows were leveled as the residents of Storybrooke fell under the spell of Shattered Sight on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11.

Elsa and Emma had to free Regina from her vault in order to use her magic to get rid of the ribbons binding them to the Snow Queen. But with Regina in full Evil Queen mode, her next stop was Snow White.

Snow White and Regina drew swords as the two did battle of old wounds. When Anna got in the way, Regina cast her back to the beach where she and Kristoff washed up on shore. There, Anne found the message her mother put in the bottle. 

Mr. Gold ordered Hook to find Henry as his plan was to use the chaos to usher he and Belle out of Storybrooke once the he was able to ditch the dagger. Gold hoped to erase their memories and pretend to have saved them but he never got the chance.

Anne read the scroll in the bottle to Emma, Elsa, and Ingrid. In it, her mother said that she regretted putting Ingrid in the urn. She should have accepted her for who she was and asked that Elsa and Anna release her. 

The revelation has Ingrid breaking the spell, but she must sacrifice herself to do it.

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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Where's the misses? She turn homicidal on you yet?


Emma: It's going to be alright. Remember, I'm like the savior.
Anna: Is that like a real job here?