Quotes of the Week: Bringing It, Foodgasms, Danny the Malcontent & More!

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The winter season is winding down, but the quotes keep rolling in!

After Wu learned about Grimms, he was a bit stressed. Oh come on, you'd probably flake a bit, too! Emma dove head first into drinking buddy territory with Regina on Once Upon a Time and Jim and Maggie had an "Awwwww" moment on The Newsroom series finale. 

To find out what other quotes made the cut, flip through the slideshow and let us know if we missed you're favorite.

Thanks for reading, TV Fanatics. Next Thursday is Christmas so we'll be taking a Quotes break until the Best Quotes of 2014 post arrives! 

Happy Holidays to all!

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TV Quotes Quotes

Veronica: Don’t worry, Cheryl. I will be transferring our powers to you via a kiss.
Cheryl: A, that’s queer-baiting. And B, won’t your poison kiss kill me?
Veronica: A, it’s not queer-baiting; it’s saving the world. And B, pretty sure your phoenix power trumps my poison power.

People seem to have forgotten, the more you enjoy sales, the more money you make. But if you're gonna stay out all night, iron the box lines out of your shirt.