Quotes of the Week: Jax Loses, Snow Turns Icy and More!

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There was a lot happening on the small screen this week.

We've told you before how much we love TV quotes, and we're sticking to our promise to round up the best with the hopes of introducing you to new, awesome programming. Here's what went down:

Jax took one last ride on Sons of Anarchy... Oliver Queen was bested by Ra's al Ghul on Arrow... and from Pretty Little Liars' Spencer thought it best she abstain from Christmas this year. After all, that's what murder suspects should do, right?

We have quotes from those shows, as well as black-ish, Criminal Minds, Supernatural and Rick talking smack about Santa on Castle, along with a nugget from Bones' 200th episode.

Dig in and let us know if we caught your favorite quote! 

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TV Quotes Quotes

Amanda: You don't know how you made it to the surface?
Nolan: No, but the purple skins do.
Amanda: Purple skins?
Nolan: I'll tell you on the way

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