Resurrection Season 2 Episode 8: Forsaken

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We were finally treated to a new episode of Resurrection tonight and it was more of a chore than a treat!

On Resurrection Season 2 Episode 8, Janine revisited crazy town in a bid to have a say in Rachel's life. 

I don't think I'm the only one who understands Janine's pain. It must be crushing her that she can't give her husband the thing he wants most. It was only natural for her to (finally!) show some jealousy towards her love rival.

Anyone else would have dragged Rachel kicking and screaming out of town and warned her to never return. I enjoy Janine's character and this was a much-needed change of direction for her. 

Resurrection is a show were the dead come back alive, so please excuse me for not being shocked, or even intrigued by Pastor Tom's apparent death. His death doesn't have the same gut-punch this reason that it might have had in the past. I'm all but certain we will be seeing him walking around in Arcadia again soon.. 

I can't imagine both Janine and Rachel bringing up the baby. They'd probably kill each other multiple times with their clashing views!

In other news, I guess Carl is a killer. 

I really liked Carl at first. His life wasn't the best. His brother was an absolute waste of space and bullied him. I don't understand how his one bad experience with the returned gives him the right to act like he can kill innocent people. I hope the guy gets a reality check before it's too late.

I have to wonder if Ray would be proud of the group's actions. Probably. I had a feeling Ray was actually dead at the start because of the way Maggie was approaching him. His body was so pale! I didn't buy his whole speech. He's ill and managed to string out coherent statements like that? Doubt it.

Ray: Maggie, if I die, I wanna stay dead.
Maggie: What.
Ray: Like if I come alive, tell Elaine don't trust me. It won't really be me.

Which brings me to Elaine. She hasn't had the best start in life; caring for her sick brother is a burden. It's like she is a young mom. She finally exploded and let rip about her failed plans of going to art school. I feel for her. It would be really nice if – some day – her dreams come true. On a show filled with so much doom and gloom, this probably won't happen. 

How incompetent do you have to be?


We finally got confirmation – Margaret's character has gone stale. I love Michelle Fairley, but it's time to go. Everything she does is now predictable. All of her scenes bore me to tears. The woman should be somewhere grim, looking up at her family, repenting for her sins. There is no emotion from her now. It's like there is nothing going on in her brain.

I wonder how she'll react to Henry using the family house as collateral. Heck, even Lucille will go crazy! I wouldn't want to be in his shoes when things inevitably go awry. 

Do you think he saw the cross on the door?


It must have taken a lot of guts for Bellamy to admit in public he was one of the returned. He knows first hand no one treats them the same. The scene in which he and Fred owned the current leader of the group was powerful. Fred really tried to drive home the fact that it was a small town and everyone knows everything about each other. It sure wiped the smile off his face, but is this what caused the attack at the church? 

"Forsaken" wasn't the best episode. It had some good character development; maybe a little too much. It seemed a little disjointed because it was one of few episodes that has featured every character present and accounted for. 

Other bits of note:

  • Rachel agreeing to the procedure was stupid. Why would she want to put her unborn child in even more jeopardy?
  • Could a romantic pairing between Fred and Elaine actually happen?
  • Henry is far too gullible. Alarm bells should have been ringing the second that Addison wanted to re-open the business.
  • Maggie and Lucille arguing, then making up, was probably the most natural storyline the show has ever done.

What did you think of the episode? Was it worth the wait? Will Bellamy seek revenge? Sound off below!

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How incompetent do you have to be?


Do you think he saw the cross on the door?