Salem Season 2 Teaser: Mercy Prepares for War

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Mercy Lewis is taking control.

The Witch Wars are on, and it appears Mercy will play an integral part. Even better, she'll be taking what was once used as a form of torture against her and using it asĀ she sees fit.

As we learned previously, the Mary is reigning over Salem after enacting the Grand Rite, but lurking around are many who want to usurp her power. In the original Salem Season 2 teaser Anne Hale was lurking in the trees. Now Mercy is making plans.

Mercy was messed up pretty good first as a pawn in Mary Sibley's attempt to enact the Grand Rite and then turned on Mary after being made a witch. Her powers grew incredibly fast.

Which side will Mercy be on? Will she be one of the threats to Mary's leadership? We'll have to wait until April to find out.

In the meantime, check out the clip and watch Salem online if you need to catch up!

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