Supernatural Round Table: Castiel's Adventures in Babysitting

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Thought the Supernatural Season 10 midseason finale would focus on Dean and the Mark of Cain?

Well, then you might have been disappointed. Supernatural Season 10 Episode 9 was really about Castiel dealing with Jimmy Novak's daughter, with a smaller focus on Crowley and even Sam and Dean.

So what did TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri, Carla Day, Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester think?

Read on for the latest Supernatural Round Table below...

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Alice: To have a favorite scene would imply I actually enjoyed any part of the episode. So, in lieu of a favorite scene, I’ll go with the one running gag that made me crack a smile. I love perplexed Castiel’s reaction when Claire told him that ketchup was a vegetable. So later, Castiel verifies with Dean if this is true. Dean’s reaction is awesome. “Hell yes.” Yep, that’s all I got!

Narsimha: I'm with Alice. This question implies I liked any part of the episode. Being such a huge supporter of the first 2-3 episodes of this season, I'm perplexed and how off course it's gotten. Despite the horrible episode building up to it, the final few minutes did have me hooked. As Sean mentioned in his review, the look of horror on Dean's face was genuine -- and he made Cas promise to take him out if it came to this.

Carla: The look of horror on Dean's face when he saw what he did. I wish that wasn't spoiled in the previews. It would have been shocking and more effective if it was mildly unexpected. We knew Dean was having problems with the Mark, but I never would have imagined a massacre without the preview.

Sean: I watched this episode again, and I was far less enamored even knowing it wouldn't focus on Sam, Dean and the Mark of Cain. But even in that second time, those final moments with Dean and the massacre, Sam running back in (even though he shouldn't have left Dean alone) and the looks on both their faces had me hooked. And then the hour ended.

What did you think of Castiel trying to help Claire?

Alice: I liked the story. Granted, the way Claire’s mother Amelia disappeared is totally bogus, but at least Castiel decided to do something good. After all, he’s going through that whole finding himself thing.

Narsimha: It makes sense, obviously, but the I disliked the actress they chose to play Claire, and felt as if it was all pretty rushed. Instead of shoehorning this into a mid-season finale, they should've focused on Dean. And that goes for the entire first half of the season. Why oh why did they have stray from the GREAT foundation they had?

They could've left Dean as a demon for a bit longer, developed Cole more (who was a great character, and well casted), and had it lead up to this "relapse" in the finale. Instead they brought in Crowley's mom (uhh), Castiel's identity crisis (in more ways then one - I still don't get why he'd before ripping angels away from the human lives they've developed), and shoved Dean (and the supposedly dangerous Mark of Cain) out of the spotlight.

If the shorthand "smh" was appropriate for any roundtable discussion, it would be this one. Im seriously melodramatically shaking my head in disapproval as I write this.

Carla: Castiel's determination in helping Claire is another sign of his growing humanity. He's feeling emotions and connections in a deeper way than before. I'm not sure if that will ultimately be a good or bad thing for Cas, but for now I'm enjoying this side of him.

Sean: Look, it made sense, especially after Hannah decided to let her vessel go home. And I like that he was trying to do good. But really, as much as I like Castiel, have been disinterested in his story this season, so to see him try and play babysitter (the focus of the hour) wasn't the captivating midseason finale I was looking forward to.

What's Castiel going to do with Claire now that he's rescued her?

Alice: Take her to Sheriff Jody to live with Alex so that Jody can yell at two wayward teenagers over her cell phone. Other than that, I just can’t picture Castiel having a moody teenage girl as a sidekick while he limps around the country randomly doing nothing.

Narsimha: Don't know or really care. I hope he finds a way to return her father to her, but that seems like a longshot. Aside from that, as I mentioned, I'm not a fan of her. I should probably add "yet," but I seriously hope she doesn't stick around that long and take up subplots. But if she does, hopefully she can win me over.

Carla: No idea. I don't really want her sticking around on the show, so I guess I'll go with Alice's suggestion of Jody. Whatever happens to Claire, I don't want her to get sucked into the Hunter world. She's suffered enough, and Cas owes her more than to put her life at risk.

Sean: I have no clue, but I'm not really interested in watching more Castiel and Claire focused episodes. Maybe like one more so she can find her mother, reunite, whatever, but I guess I just want to get back to (or really start up) a more focused direction for Sam and Dean on this season.

Are you interested in seeing Rowena and Crowley team up?

Alice: Maybe. I don’t see them ever being a traditional team. I relish the thought that both of them will be scheming behind each other’s back and trying to screw over one another at every turn while pretending to be the ideal mother and son team. Ah, evil families.

Narsimha: I can see them being a deadly team for sure. But only if they set their differences aside. I want the return of the ruthless Crowley, not the recent one all in his feelings. Gross.

Carla: Ugh. I can't stand Rowena. And, Crowley with her is even worse. I also miss the old Crowley or at least the fun Crowley when he was with Demon Dean. This Crowley is boring, irritating and for the first time, I wouldn't mind if he was killed off. That makes me sad because I've always loved Crowley.

Sean: It could be interesting, but only if Rowena's camp is played down and the two prove to be (like Narsimha said) a ruthless and dangerous combo. Sam and Dean need a good big bad to face off with. Guess we'll see where this duo goes.

Were you expecting more focus on the Mark of Cain?

Alice: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Not just in this episode, but the whole freaking first half of the season. I was expecting something resembling a mytharc. I was expecting a story that was actually fluid with the season long theme and made sense. Then I realized there isn't season long theme and everyone is drifting wayward in a total daze without any direction or purpose. It’s kind of like watching my mother-in-law.

Narsimha: I would like to direct you towards Alice's answer to this question, haha. I can't put it any better.

Carla: Yes. Absolutely. Dean's massacre felt to quick and unearned storywise. With Cain returning, I'm hopeful, the Mark storyline will be wrapped up in a meaningful and believable manner.

Sean: For a midseason finale? Most definitely. And really that storyline should have taken front and center and made the Castiel one more minor plot. I just kept waiting for something big to happen, but it did, and unfortunately, almost too late.

Any thoughts on where the show is headed, what you want to see when Supernatural returns in 2015?

Alice: At this rate, it’s become Supernatural: The Soap Opera. If these “personal” storylines keep going at this rate, Sam will probably by end the season get a sex change and Dean will drink himself to death… again. Castiel and Crowley can get a house together and that “Oh Crowley!” sitcom can finally happen. Nah, sorry, I’m being snarky. Seriously, I’m very disturbed about the show’s direction right now. This isn’t even a figment of the show I fell in love with.  The writers have gone completely mad.  What do I want to see in 2015? Supernatural become a watchable sci-fi show again.

Narsimha: Dean will ask Cass to kill him. Cass won't. They'll find a way to cure Dean for real. Sam will be left with nothing to really do like usual (recently). Season will end on a cliffhanger about the mortality of one of the boys. No, but for real, I can't see them doing anything interesting. It sounds like I'm being harsh, but it's only because I thought the show had beaten all the odds and gotten a fresh start - on season freakin' 10!! That's unheard of, and I was so excited to see where it was going to go. Now my excitement's more deflated than one of those balloons you have hanging around your house like six months after the person's birthday it was meant for. -_- I'm just hoping for the usual good episode here and there now.

Carla: I'm growing tired of the personal stories sidetracking the show from what the core of the show has always been. I want to see more hunting and less of the melodrama. I'd also like to see a return to a strong mini-arc. I've felt that has been missing this season. There's no strong guiding story, instead it's been a few episodes of this and a few of that. That kills any continuity and suspense.

Sean: I've always been a fan of Supernatural, Sam and Dean, and I will probably see them to the very end of this series (much like, I assume, my other Round Table panelists and many fans of the show), but the show needs some focus, it needs a destination, a drive and arc that feels like we're headed somewhere. I'm always for a fun monster of the week episode here or there, but meandering about won't keep me as excited as I was at the outset of Supernatural Season 10.

We need a good story, and that will drive the character aspect. Sometimes I wonder if having an end date for the series (as much as I enjoy it) might allow the writers to give it that direction that feels like we're headed towards something, and not just waiting for what the CW wants to do with it. It's such a tough spot because I enjoy the show and want to give it the benefit of the doubt, but it's got to step it up when it returns in 2015.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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