Supernatural Round Table: Let's Be Monster-Hunting Cops

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Sheriff Jody Mills is back!

While Sam and Dean were trying to figure out information on the Mark of Cain, Jody and her new tag-along Sheriff Donna prepare to take the lead on the monster of the week. But did all our Supernatural Round Table panelists enjoy the hour?

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Narsimha Chintaluri, Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester to discuss Supernatural Season 10 Episode 8.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Alice: I’ll go with the ending scene. I just liked how they had the two parallel conversations going, Jody and Donna having their “nice job killing the vamp” moment and Sam and Dean having theirs. Of course, I totally called last week that Dean would tell Sam he was fine and then grab that arm, but given the predictability of the brotherly behavior, it’s not like I was stretching myself. It’s a setup for next week I guess, so it’s something.

Narsimha: I have to disagree with Alice, I wasn't really a fan of their approach to the Mark of Cain. Even the flashbacks at the start acknowledge the Mark more than these actual episodes. I hope they handle it better for the mid-season finale. As for this episode, I can't really think of a favorite scene.

Sean: I wasn't really enamored with this episode, but I did really like Sam and Dean's conversation about their fake FBI badge. Dean: “This badge means something.” Sam: “I made it at Kinkos.” Dean: “Exactly. Be proud of that.”

Carla: I enjoyed the scene when Donna found out about monsters. In particular when she asked about the weight loss spa and they let her in on the truth and she said it was too good to be true. She handled the information better than I expected, yet it felt like an authentic response.

What did you think of the return of Jody Mills?

Alice: I love Jody Mills. This show must, never, ever be allowed to kill her. I wish they could work her more into the show, like being the new Bobby Singer or something. The boys come hang out at her house seven times a year, she cooks for them, offers a sympathetic ear and then they all go out in the evening and cut off heads. But as for this episode, she was great as always. A classy lady dealing with another f’ed up situation.

Narsimha: I love how strong and resilient she's become. Calling Donna's ex a douche when he deserved it, was awesome.

Sean: I really like Jody, especially in seeing how far she's come since she first encountered Sam and Dean. Carrying that machete? Already thinking the deaths were monster related? Even wanting to take the lead? Her character is a positive addition to the show, but I just wish the actual case itself was more interesting for her.

Carla: I love Jody, so I was glad to see her back. The little tidbits about her "daughter" were a nice callback too. I hope the teen is able to keep clean for Jody's sake. I wouldn't mind her taking on a larger role in the series as Alice said perhaps as a new Bobby Singer-like presence in their lives.

Did you enjoy a larger focus on Jody and Donna?

Alice: For one week it was fine, especially since they had so much great chemistry together. Who knew that pairing would work so well? I wish the focus had been more on their adventures with monster slaying. That would have picked up the pace way better than all that girl talk and the total waste of time on Donna’s ex-husband. But yes, I loved seeing Donna just jump right in with a machete and take off the vamp’s head. She’s a natural, just like Jody.

Narsimha: Wasn't really as a fan of the episode as a whole, so I can't say I enjoyed it. But there wasn't anything offensively bad about their pairing.

Sean: I didn't dislike the pairing. Plus, we got to see Jody sort of pass down the info on monsters to Donna. But the pacing was slow and after a while, I was missing Sam and Dean leading the charge. Or maybe dealing with Donna's husband just seemed like wasted screen time.

Carla: I liked it more than the rest of you. I thought it was a good monster-of-the-week story. I'd watch a Jody-Donna spin-off series. Their interactions cracked me up. In a short time, Jody had a huge influence on Donna which was nice to see. 

Were you surprised the Men of Letters had no info on the Mark of Cain?

Alice: I guess not, considering Castiel, a 2,000 year old angel, knows nothing about it. Cain must not have written a manual. Crowley seems to be the best source of information and no one is pumping him for details. Wouldn’t that have been easier? Plus, I bet it’s in the MOL bunker somewhere. I just don’t think Dean was looking hard enough. It’s probably under one of the filing cabinets.

Narsimha: Not really, considering the extent of its origins. They also don't seem to be trying too hard in their search.

Sean: I'm just glad they mentioned the Mark of Cain again. I wasn't surprised that they didn't find anything, but it almost just felt like the writers needed to remind us right before the midseason finale. As much as I like to a certain extent the case of the week episodes with Sam and Dean working together, the relative absence of talk about the Mark or even a bigger arc feels weird going into a midseason finale that will undoubtedly be all about that major story. I don't know, I guess I'm just excited to get to see Dean have to deal with the Mark.

Carla: No. It doesn't seem to have been causing overt trouble over the years, but rather something that was kept very secretive. At least, that's the way I'm looking at it. The Winchesters will need whatever help they can get regarding the Mark, so any mention at the MOL would be good.

Any predictions for the midseason finale?

Alice: Dean dies… oh wait, he lives… comes back as a demon and Sam gets all weepy and worried then unhinged… Yes, I know that was last season’s finale, but given the lack of fresh ideas so far this season, I wouldn’t put it past them repeating the whole scenario over again. Except this time Castiel has the power to smite. But Cas looks like he has his hands full, and can Dean be killed by anything as long as he has the Mark of Cain? So, yep, that’s what I’m sticking with.

Narsimha: I can't even get as in depth as Alice since I'm not really excited for the finale anymore. I thought the season started out really strong and then quickly lost its focus. I hope the final is more Crowley centric.

Sean: I guess I'm not sure what to expect. I agree that Supernatural Season 10 started off so strong, then it dropped the big arc for case of the week episodes but without really having that larger arc strewn through. So while I feel like we're definitely going to get Mark of Cain stuff, I'm just not sure if it will be a satisfying payoff before going on hiatus. Though, I've always got my fingers crossed and frankly, I'm glad to get back to some bigger story arc!

Carla: Demon Dean didn't stick around as long as I would have liked, but that was likely due to fitting in Episode 200. That said, I don't want them to go backwards with that storyline either. Demon Dean is gone and needs to stay gone. I hope the writers find a way for Dean to struggle with the Mark in a new, exciting way with real consequences. I doubt that will happen though. I am intrigued by Crowley and the mother stuff and to see how Castiel deals with his host's family.

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