The 100 Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Fog of War

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Ding dong ding dong the Christmas bells were ringing on The 100 Season 2 Episode 6.

Even though music isn't entirely foreign to this world, it was disconcerting to hear the music box play "Carol of the Bells" in the parking garage. While the joyous tune was out of place with death all around, it definitely provided a unique soundtrack to ease the painful reveal.

The Christmas song will now be an eerie reminder of a dingy parking garage in the future where Reaper Lincoln ate a person and attacked his love. The bright side of it all is  Octavia's love for Lincoln and Bellamy's love for his sister were strong enough for them to attempt to save Reaper Lincoln by stunning him unconscious to bring him home.

Raven's comment about battle scars rings true for every single one of them. They fought each other, banded together to fight for their own survival and, after the drop ship battle, struggled to get their family back together. "Fog of War" set the way for them to move on from tragedy and continue on the path to reunite their people.

While Finn and Murphy were pardoned for their roles in the Grounder massacre, it wasn't as easy for Clarke to overcome Finn's transition from a loving pacifist to a killer. She loves him, but it wasn't enough for her to welcome him back into her arms even after Abby reminded her daughter he did it to save her.

Clarke and Finn's journey together was fascinating to watch unfold. Just as she didn't understand the man standing in front of her, he didn't know himself either. There's a sense of personal discovery going on for them as individuals and as a couple. I assumed Finn would stay far away from the bunker after he left the dead Grounder there, though it ended up being the perfect spot for Finn and Clarke to begin recovering.

Clarke's freeze out of Finn began to thaw when he returned her father's watch and said the Grounder had it around his neck. In that moment, Clarke began to understand Finn's mindset when he became unhinged and killed, basically, for her. For a moment there, I was sure she would embrace him and even though it didn't happen, it was clear it would happen.

The battle scars continued both with Jaha and Kane in the Grounder camp and with Jasper and Monte at Mount Weather. If I had to pick one of their situations to be in, I'm not sure I could pick. They were all in precarious situations with only a slight possibility in their minds of it getting better.

Jasper and Monte made the decision to go along with Dante's request for the 47 to be radiation filters for Mount Weather residents in order to keep the peace until Clarke arrived to save them. It's a solid plan even though they don't know for sure that Clarke's alive. If nothing else, it keeps them out of cages for a little while longer.

Speaking of cages, it's hilarious that Dante's son is named "Cage," given his oversight of the Grounder blood banks and Reaper program. I wonder if he was given that name at birth or if it's a nickname he's gained due to his work.... Or, perhaps it could be a nod to being caged into the line of succession as the next President by birthright. Whatever the reason, I love that he's called Cage.

It was also speculated Dante and those at Mount Weather didn't see the Grounders as anything more than animals. That was confirmed when Dante specifically said the 47 kids weren't animals to be put in cages. They are putting the Grounders there and drugging them to become Reapers. To them, the Grounders are animals to be used as livestock for healing, while the kids were initially going to be used to strengthen their gene pool. 

For Jaha and Kane, once again they faced the opportunity for redemption through sacrifice and failed to succeed. If or when they die, it likely will be from old age or some random event. How many times have they attempted to sacrifice themselves for the good of their people? It's fortunate that they are still alive because their interactions are always golden.

The Commander's ruse was brilliant. She was able to see their true intent and hearts. While she still wants blood for Finn's actions, there's hope and even a slight basis for an alliance against the Mountain Men. With the ship there, it's unlikely the Arkers will be able to pick up and leave within two days or even want to do that, though a war with the Grounders isn't ideal either.

This will be a test of leadership. Will Jaha openly accept the help and hear the recommendations of the kids or will he believe his people know best? With the Grounders threat on one side and the urgency to go save their people at Mount Weather, how will they prioritize the two situations? They have limited fighters, so it will be a great test of their resilience and a sign of their priorities.

"Fog of War" was another outstanding episode. It was a transitional hour between the trigger of war from the massacre to the resolution of that event with the Arkers reuniting at Camp Jaha. The next two episodes should be more suspenseful with the threats growing in intensity between the three groups.

War or peace? Which will it be? I suspect it will end up being both and neither at the same time. If any show can pull that off, it's The 100!

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Fog of War Review

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The 100 Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Clarke: I don't even know who you are any more
Finn: Neither do I
Clarke: What have we become?

Just because they pardoned you, doesn't mean I have.