The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 11 Review: The Clean Room Infiltration

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That was a fun, light-hearted Christmas episode.

The unusual pairings made The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 11 extra special. I hope the writers see how well it worked and find unique ways to mix up the characters' interactions.The Christmas episode had plenty of laughs and just the perfect amount of heart. 

The Clean Room - The Big Bang Theory

Even though these are brilliant scientists, they can make mistakes and lose their minds in the moment. The bird-in-the-clean-room bit isn't something I would usually enjoy, but for some reason the banter between Howard, Leonard and later Raj worked for me. I laughed. The scientists vs. the pigeon with the pigeon most definitely the victor. He got the Slim Jim after all.

After eight seasons, we know these characters well enough and there's enough history for the jokes to refer back to previous episodes and experiences. That's something that many sitcoms don't get the opportunity to take advantage. The whole Slim Jim thing cracked me up.

Leonard had a point regarding Howard's misadventures with the Mars Rover and Koothrappali's lost dog. And, you have to laugh when someone gives mouth-to-beak to a bird, saves its life, and still can't get it outside. Oops. Of course, it was Penny who had the answer for them. It involved a lie, but it's not the first time the guys have done what was necessary to cover their tracks. And, it certainly won't be the last either.

While I enjoyed the pigeon antics, my favorite funny moments were between Sheldon and Bernadette. These two need to have more scenes together. Though, perhaps it's because it's so rare that it works well. She's a voice of common sense to balance out Sheldon's particular sense of reason. And, her snark is understated such that he doesn't even notice. 

Bernadette: Wow, you really do love her.
Sheldon: I do. Now, let's find the kind of gift that makes her feel small and worthless.

Sheldon and Bernadette's exchanges were the funniest, but Sheldon and Amy's were the sweetest. This couple is growing on me as their love for each other evolves to be actually acknowledged. They kiss in public, Sheldon admits his love for her to others and they are actually happy. 

I never would have thought it was possible. It feels real, authentic and joyful. The uneasiness between the two of them has slowly disintegrated without losing the fun awkwardness they share. 

At the Christmas tree lot, there was mistletoe, and she kissed me under it in public. Like we were the stars of a Tijuana sex show.


Sheldon's plan may have failed, but instead of focusing on the negative like he probably would have earlier in their relationship, he embraced the positive. Of course that doesn't extend to sharing the delicious Meemaw cookies Amy gave him. Some things are too precious to share.

Amy: Well, you got me something. Here.
Sheldon: Cookies?
Amy: They're your Meemaw's Christmas cookies. I called and got
the recipe.
Sheldon: They're perfect. It tastes like her hugs.
Amy: Merry Christmas, Sheldon.
Sheldon: I can't believe this. You're happy, I'm happy. Well, maybe a holiday that's all about giving isn't so...Get your hand out of that box!

The only part of the episode that didn't really resonate for me was the inclusion of Raj's father. It wasn't that he's presence took away from the half hour, but he didn't add much to it either. Though, I guess he did save Amy's from suffocating from wool ball and that's definitely something.

There were lots of funny lines and exchanges. Check them out in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section and to relive the laughs watch The Big Bang Theory online again now!

The Clean Room Infiltration Review

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The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 11 Quotes

Amy: Wait, She-Hulk's a lawyer?
Howard: Yeah, she works at a law firm in New York.
Sheldon: Yes, but she's the only monster at the firm. Between you, me and the wall,I think she's an affirmative action hire.

Sheldon: You know, speaking of attorneys,if I ever needed a lawyer,I would not hire She-Hulk.
Penny: You know what? That was almost on topic. I'm gonna say, "Good job, Sheldon."