The Flash: Peyton List Snapped Up for Cool Sister Role

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Even villains are getting family on The Flash!

Peyton List, formerly of The Tomorrow People, will join fellow alum Robbie Amell on the series. She's not related to Ronnie Raymond AKA Firestorm in any way, but she does have a cool connection.

It was revealed earlier today List will play Lisa, little sister of Captain Cold, Leonard Snart!

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Lisa is described as sexy, wild and perhaps a little sadistic, but desperate to prove to her big brother she has what it takes to be a part of his criminal gang.

In the comics, Lisa becomes The Golden Glider, arming herself with razor sharp ice skates and other deadly objects she uses to try to destroy The Flash. As one of the Rogues, she must do well by her cold and calculating brother!

List will make her first appearance in The Flash Season 1 Episode 16, "Rogue Time." Using her sexuality to get what she wants will put her into the view of Cisco, who has proven he has a keen eye for the pretty ladies!

If you're curious about other series characters, you can watch The Flash Online and flip through our nifty slideshow until the show returns on January 20.

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