The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3 Review: Orange Blossom Ice Cream

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It's hard not to like Erika Flynn (played by one of my favorite guess stars, Morena Baccarrin).

When it comes to reading people and pulling off a con, she is as close to equal to Patrick Jane as anyone we've every seen. For that reason alone it was wonderful to have her back for The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3

But poor Jane. The look on his face when he realized that he and Lisbon were about to work with Erika once again was that of a lamb being led to slaughter. No good would come of this and he knew it. 

I was relieved when he chose not to lie to Erika when she called him out on his romantic relationship with Lisbon. This open and honest version of Patrick Jane is definitely something I could get used to. 

Jane wasn't kidding when he said his memory trick wasn't an easy one to master. How many people could think of anything else while being drowned in a tub of water, never mind remember a specific string of random words?  I doubt I could recall more than three of the words he was told and all I had to do was watch. 

As usual, Erika was all about Erika and she was willing to use anyone she needed to in order to gain her freedom. When she accidentally let it slip about her past with Jane, I was thrilled that Lisbon understood that she was being played. Erika Flynn doesn't say anything by chance. 

Back in the states, Cho took the information about the man Jane was suppose to contact and set up a sting. Shouldn't they have at least waited for Jane and Lisbon to board the plane out of Beirut? The possibility of it all going wrong and then having Patrick and Teresa stuck in Beirut when it hit the fan seemed risky to me. 

Agent Vega took a huge step backwards when she lied to Cho. First, it was wrong to lie. Second, it was such a stupid lie. Why not just go ask Abbott if she could go along on Cho's operation because Wiley said he didn't need her. Vega obviously wants to play with the big boys but she needs to stop acting like a child if she wants to get there. 

Cho was absolutely right when he told her that he can't work with someone that he can't trust. Something tells me that it's going to be a long road to regain Cho's trust, if she ever can. 

Back to Beirut, the sequence where Jane searched the office for the book was well done. The swinging chain on that lamp was a nice touch and added to the suspense. 

Jane and Lisbon's fight was so fake I was surprised Erika didn't pick up on it, but I suppose she thought she'd laid the ground work for such a fight to occur, so for her it made sense. When she told Jane he and Lisbon had no future as a couple, I half wondered if she believed it until she shrugged and said she had to try. But it appears that Patrick Jane is done lying and is willing to tell anyone who will listen how he feels about Teresa Lisbon as he told Erika in this The Mentalist quote

I love Lisbon and I'm taking you to the real police and they're going to lock you up for the rest of your life.


So much for the allure of Erika Flynn. 

My favorite scene was the wonderfully awkward conversation Patrick and Teresa had about his personal relationship with Erika. I was proud of him for telling her that they'd kissed. Erika had made it sound like so much more. As for Loralei…well that was well played. He'd spill everything about Loralei if Teresa did the same about Walter Mashburn…and oh how I'd love to see him back again before the series ends! 

The truth is the past is only as important as they make it and Jane and Lisbon were quick to see that, despite their curiosity, it's the present and the future that counts. 

Jane's romantic rooftop gesture was really quite sweet, even if the orange blossom ice cream didn't live up to expectations. I only hope Lisbon decides they can start telling people at work sometime soon because I expect that will bring plenty of fun. 

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Orange Blossom Ice Cream Review

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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Jane: Just a trick.
Yon: I've tested others. You're the only one getting everything correct.
Jane: I didn't say it was an easy trick.

I arrested her, I don't know how I feel about helping her avoid prison.