23 TV Teachers We Wish We'd Had (and Some We Didn't)

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Feeling a bit nostalgic for your old school days? Or are those memories happily left behind?

Either way, we think it would have been a heck of a lot more interesting if we had had one or two of these teachers.

Some are funny, some are adorable... and some have even broken the law. Do you know which teacher completely went off the deep end?

We have more than just high school teachers in this incredible list. There are also the quirky college professors who made us laugh, and a particular law professor who knows how to intimidate. We also have two inspirational doctors from Grey's Anatomy could whip even the least confident medical students into stunning surgeons.

Flip through our slideshow and hit the comments. Which teacher would have shown you the meaning of class?

Ashley Bissette Sumerel was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2017. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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