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That's right, Captain Flint is back! Not that it took too long or anything; he's just a born leader and deserved his captaincy reinstated.

Since Billy Bones went overboard we've been wondering what became of him. Well, Black Sails Season 2 Episode 2 gave us an idea.

Then there's Captain Low; the guy proved himself not only a badass pirate, but a psychotic one, as well. Tadhg Murphy is blowing my mind as Low. I never imagined Arne (one-eye) from Vikings Season 1 was such a great actor.

Eleanor Meets with Captain Vane  - Black Sails Season 2 Episode 2

Is it me, or is Thomas Hamilton's vision for Nassau admirable? We didn't have a chance to meet him last season, but so far I am really impressed with the man. He was so dazzled by Flint that I don't think he realized betrayal was inevitable. I can't wait to watch the events of those key moments unfold.

The new world is a gift. A sacred opportunity to right our wrongs and begin anew. And I do not want my family's plot in it to be the reason for its fall.


The Flint/Silver dynamic this season has been wildly entertaining. Who would have guessed that these two guys could become pals. In a way they're both loners who the crew turned against. So, it makes sense they'd learn to rely on one another. Still, it feels like this is the start of a very important partnership.

I loved how confident Flint was when he talked about regaining his captaincy and wondered how the hell Silver could endear himself to the crew. Boy did the guy take a beating; but, in the end it was all worthwhile. He even gained some respect from the Captain.

Elsewhere, another partnership began to unravel as Meeks questioned Captain Low's meeting with Eleanor. Since his pleas fell on deaf ears, Meeks turned to Eleanor herself asking for assistance in deposing his Captain. It's safe to say that was a huge mistake. Though Meeks swore an oath to the crew, his disloyalty to Low cost him his life. It was obvious early on that Captain Low was a vicious killer, but by beheading his quartermaster in public he proved it to all of Nassau. That scene was brutal, wasn't it?

I don't want to see you in my place again. I don't want to see you on my island again. Take your men, take your shit and seek life elsewhere.


The little love triangle going on between Jack, Anne and Max is quite interesting. I didn't realize Anne felt so indebted to Jack for helping her straighten out her life. Sure, he's jealous seeing the two ladies together but, as Max pointed out, she's providing a comfort he is incapable of. It seemed good ol' Jack was okay with this arrangement in the end since he feels they can all work together.

Back on the Spanish ship, Flint set his plan in motion. The guy manipulated his crew like pawns on a chessboard. Unlike Captain Low, I really do believe killing Gates was not an easy decision for Flint. Of course, that confession and his advice to Dufresne eventually won him his captaincy back. It was fascinating to watch Flint sit back as the shit hit the fan and Dufresne froze up.

The tension built until the other ship raised their white flag. Even then, when its captain changed his mind and retaliated, Flint just watched until the moment was right to step in; echoing, in a way, his speech about raising "the black" at the right moment.

It took me a while to get a feel for this part of it. Raise the black too soon and the prize will run. Raise it too late, and you'll induce panic and a greater chance of resistance. You got to show your colors at just the right moment to get them to strike theirs.


Flint's no saint though; he quickly informed the crew their prize was lost and, in order to strike fear into others at the site of the black sail, he ordered that ship destroyed. It was an insanely cruel turn of events, but necessary by pirate standards.

Dufrense eventually told Flint the crew voted him Captain again and realized he played right into his hands. Either way, Dufrense wasn't fit to lead that crew. It was just a matter of time before someone forced him out.

Eleanor is in a tough spot. She's well aware Captain Low's gunning for her but will Captain Vane step in? Sure Eleanor offered him Captain Low's "prize" -- the Ashe girl -- but I think, despite everything, he still has feelings for her. He'll fight; of course he will. The question is, will Captain Flint and Captain Vane finally have a reason to fight side by side?

Well what did you think of this week's installment? Captain Low is a maniac, isn't he? Worse still, he seems to enjoy slaughtering folks. Eleanor's in big trouble; will Vane step up? Are you glad Flint reclaimed his captaincy?

You're up. Hit the comment section and share your thoughts on episode 2. Let's talk Black Sails guys!

As always, remember you can watch Black Sails online right here at TV Fanatic. The premiere is worth a re-watch for sure; do it!

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Black Sails Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

The new world is a gift. A sacred opportunity to right our wrongs and begin anew. And I do not want my family's plot in it to be the reason for its fall.


In less that two days I intend to be a captain again. I suggest you find a way of earning your way back on to this crew as well