Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Sins of the Father

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On Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 10, Donald DeCarlo got away with murder for almost 40 years until he had the audacity to walk into One Police Plaza for his son's promotion ceremony.

What were the odds that after all of that time anyone would recognize him? Obviously DeCarlo had never met Frank Reagan.

Even Henry wouldn't have recognized the man who killed a cop in front of him after all of that time but Frank had been asking for age progression photos every five years, thus proving the old adage that a winner is someone who simply doesn't quit. 

Just like Erin, my stomach sank when Henry began telling his story and getting the details wrong. Perhaps it was to be expected. It had been almost four decades and memories can be fickle things. 

What surprised me was even Henry had his doubts and raised them over Sunday dinner. Henry is normally so stubborn that I didn't see that one coming. 

I'm still not sure how I feel about Frank asking the son to wear a wire on his own father. On the one hand, he was an NYPD detective helping to catch the killer of an NYPD Officer. On the other hand, this was the man's father! That's a hell of a thing to ask. Whether Frank should have told DeCarlo that his son chose to wear the wire instead of being ordered to do it is also up for debate. 

The scene where Danny and Baez got shot at while ordering hot dogs certainly caught my attention, especially when the car hit the vendor. There was so much happening in that first minute that it was hard to keep up.

Danny and Baez had to figure out that they weren't chasing one killer but two. I loved that Danny was able to quote scripture right back to Jerry Phillips. I'm always amazed when people use their religion to validate their despicable acts. Any sympathy that those parents may have garnered over the loss of their daughter was lost due to the viciousness of their crimes. 

Jamie's partner Eddie has been slowly becoming one of my favorite characters. First she made me laugh when she yelled out "crazy woman" about the woman in the middle of the road trying to get their attention. Then her response to Jamie in this Blue Bloods quote about the neighborhood being upset about the dangerous traffic situation was priceless…

Well I'm not sure human sacrifice is the way to get speed bumps installed.


The detective on this case had a huge chip on her shoulder when it came to both Jamie and Eddie. I agreed with Eddie; Jamie could have done a better job of backing her up. My first thought was they should have looked for traffic camera footage or any other surveillance cameras in that area that could have verified the second driver. 

Instead, the dynamic duo did some old-fashioned detective work, but in the end it was a mother with a conscience who decided doing the right thing was the lesson she wanted to teach her son.

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Sins of the Father Review

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Blue Bloods Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Well I'm not sure human sacrifice is the way to get speed bumps installed.


I can't let it go at a discount.