Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Beach House

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Happy New Year Nine-Nine fans! Hopefully, the hangovers have subsided, the holiday bloat is gone and you've already begun to thoroughly enjoy the fact that not only are the holidays over, but so is 2014. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 12 marked the return of the show in 2015 and saw our favorite cops heading to Boyle's beach house. But when Jake invites the boss, not everyone is thrilled.

Rosa really seems to like Marcus (Guest Star Nick Cannon) but she isn't the best at text flirting. Can Boyle, the Nine-Nine's resident romantic come to her aid? Will a drunk and loose Amy be the dream the Gina envisioned it was or just a plain old nightmare? Let's find out!

For a group of hard working cops, it makes perfect sense that the team takes a yearly trip together to blow off steam, crack jokes at the expense of the boss and just spend time goofing off. Jake is all for that. But when he discovers Capt. Holt never got to experience this camaraderie because he was purposefully excluded for being black and gay, something tugs at his heart strings and he caves under pressure, quickly inviting the Captain without any regard for how anyone else would feel about it. 

It was so great seeing everyone just relaxing and being their crazy selves. I especially enjoyed Vacation Terry, who had a fashion sense equivalent to a drag queen when she first wakes up in the morning. He wore a fanny pack the entire time and I just ate it up. 

Gina: Just to clarify, how untethered is Vacation Terry from his wife?
Terry: Very tethered.

It's good to know that while the Sergeant can kick back, he still takes his job as a husband and father very seriously. Elsewhere, Rosa was struggling with flirting via text with her new boyfriend Marcus. I don't know if it's because we've seen so little of Marcus as a character or because I'm not exactly sold on the idea of Nick Cannon being on this show in the first place, but something about Marcus feels bland, like something is missing.

He barely made an impression during the last episode so I was hoping this week we would see something more from him. While he does seem sweet, he's not nearly as zany or interesting as the other guest stars we've seen so far. Step up your game writers! Make me like or at the very least respect Nick Cannon!

While Rosa not being a romantic girl wasn't surprising, I enjoyed her growth, especially since a good deal of her time was spent complaining about one thing or another; or even making barbs like this one. 

Say boo again and I will shoot you in the stomach.


The advice Boyle gave Rosa about being honest was great and it allowed Rosa to not only get a sexy pic from her man, but she was also able to stay true to herself. I've always loved Rosa because she is so prickly on the outside. It's nice when we get to see different sides to her without it changing who she really is.

Six-drink Amy was not the grand time Gina hoped. The scenes leading up to six-drink Amy were a lot funnier than the end result. I especially enjoyed Gina's constant watching over Amy. But six-drink Amy was kind of sad. Five-drink Amy was more enjoyable. She was a real pervert and it was hilarious because Amy can be such a tight ass.

Jake decided the only logical thing to do to salvage the weekend was to throw two separate parties.

Separate parties. Separate but equal. Forget I said that phrase!


I love how clueless Jake can be sometimes. This could only lead to disaster when Capt. Holt's recorder enthuses party is deserted and he discovers that there were two separate parties all along. He was crushed. 

Jake: I've never seen Capt. Holt that upset before. He's like a sad block of granite.
Boyle: How do you cheer up granite?

I'm glad that Capt. Holt eventually decided to loosen up. One of the reasons why he's such a beloved character is because his deadpan humor is hilarious, as are his flashback scenes. Seeing him act like an equal and not as a boss was great. The last scene was my favorite.

Jake: (in a faux British accent) Any smile longer than a second and a half is a conman's ruse.
Capt. Holt: I said it and I meant it!

Odds and Ends:

  • How weird was is that Hitchcock and Scully were trying to sell an underwater casino to the Captain? It was partly comedic, but mostly out of place.
  • Boyle must have either represented himself during his divorce proceedings or had the worst divorce lawyer that ever existed. He was so gleeful about having custody of a beach house only during the winter months.
  • As much as I love the flashbacks scenes with Capt. Holt, it's hard to watch how excluded he was because of being black and gay. It really shows how far the department and people have come since them.

Don't forget that you can always watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online and stay tuned for my next review folks. Once again, happy new year everyone!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 13 will be titled "Payback" and air on Sunday, January 11.

Beach House Review

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Jake: I've never seen Capt. Holt that upset before. He's like a sad block of granite.
Boyle: How do you cheer up granite?

Jake: (in a faux British accent) Any smile longer than a second and a half is a conman's ruse.
Capt. Holt: I said it and I meant it!