Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Payback

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 13 brought back to light the issue of Jake being heavily in debt. When Sgt. Terry refuses to loan Jake a dollar and demands his money back, Jake is convinced that something is amiss and is determined to find out what it is. 

Capt. Holt and Amy revisit the Brooklyn Broiler case mentioned a few episodes back after Amy discovered that the Brooklyn Broiler wasn't responsible for all the fires he was convicted him but it doesn't exactly go to plan.

When Jake decides to work off his debts to his other friends, he's asked to do some pretty gross things and it's not exactly "owesome." Let's dive in!

Keeping a Secret - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the running gags of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 was Jake's enormous debt.This week, Jake's debt finally starts to catch up to him. Sgt. Terry is owed over two grand and wants his money back. But since he's always been very patient with Jake, Jake is immediately suspicious. It doesn't take long for Jake to discover that Sgt. Terry and his wife are expecting another child. But he swears Jake to secrecy because it's too soon to tell. But keeping a secret isn't exactly one of Jake's strong suits.

Sgt. Terry: It's nice to have someone to share this secret with. I'm pregnant man!
Jake: We're pregnant, we because I convinced you not to have a vasectomy. So, if it wasn't for me, you'd have no penis.
Sgt. Terry: You still don't know what a vasectomy is.

Meanwhile, Amy is thrilled to be working with Capt. Holt on the unsolved arson case. But she is crestfallen when the Capt. reveals that he's solved the case without her. Determined to get the authentic partner experience, Amy tries her best to bond with him and gets him to open up about one of his old partners.

Amy: So, who was your partner back when you caught the Brooklyn Broiler?
Capt. Holt: Mark Ormancup. He was a great partner-smart, loyal, homophobic, but not racist. In those days, that was pretty good.

It's all going pretty well until Capt. Holt and Amy go to question the perp's grandson and the Captain's stomach starts bubbling. I may be 25 but sometimes internally, I'm 6 so I found this particular bit of toilet humor hilarious, especially since Andre Braugher delivered his lines in that delightful monotone of his.

Rosa: You're back so soon. Did you catch your guy?
Capt. Holt: No. He was dead, so I'll never catch him. Oh, Amy bought us tainted meat and now I have diarrhea.

When the team discovers that Jake has made some restitution to Sgt. Terry, they demand to also be paid back. When Jake claims to have no money, Rosa comes up with the idea to divide that money Jake gave to Sgt. Terry equally so that they all can at least get paid back something. Knowing that the Sgt. needs the money, Jake decides to work off his debt.

This includes Jake cleaning Rosa's filthy motorcycle, calling Gina's relatives and friends telling them that she's dead in order to gage their reactions, giving Scully a butt massage and washing Boyle's horny dogs. The most randy of the bunch is an English Bulldog named Jason who starts humping Jake's leg. I myself own an English Bulldog, a girl named Delilah, so this scene in particular was fun to watch.

In classic Jake fashion, he accidentally tells the whole precinct Sgt. Terry's secret when he hits "reply all" in an email only meant for Terry. We all knew that he'd spill the beans at some point during tonight's episode, right? It was really entertaining watching Jake attempting to exercise with Terry, who I can only assumes works as a bodybuilder on his days off. The rest of the team hacks into Terry's email and deletes it. Of course, this is all for naught when the Capt. spills the beans when Terry's wife Sharon stops by. It's a shame that all that careful planning went to waste but it wouldn't be Brooklyn Nine-Nine without it.

Jake apologizes and sell his car to pay back the rest of the money he owes Sgt. Terry, in a surprisingly mature move. Could it be that Jake is really growing up? Let's hope it's not too much.

Capt. Holt tells Amy that the bad street meat can actually bond the two of them together in a touching scene that featured this great quote.

Amy: So, you think we can laugh about me poisining you?
Capt. Holt: Yes, I do. Someday. Perhaps over street meat. (chuckles)
Amy: Sir, did you just laugh?
Capt. Holt: Uproariously.
Amy: Oh my God! It's happening!

It was another enjoyable episode and as always, you can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online! Until next time!

Payback Review

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