Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 4 Review: Waiting for Tonight

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Who knew Pixar could be so painful?

Date night catastrophes, Buzz Lightyear, and Twitter shenanigans all seemed to conspire against Jules and Grayson in Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 4.

The Ideal Couple

You never really realize just how much time the cul-de-sac crew spends together until one of the characters shamelessly points it out. They're literally always glued to each other's side, to the point where Grayson can actually narrate the scene as it's happening, he's so used to baby interruptions and neighborly visits. So understandably, he wants one romantic evening alone with his lady love. Tough luck, buddy.

As a Toy Story fanatic - yes I cried during the third movie, I'm not ashamed - I was pumped to see Andy actually squeeze himself into a Buzz Lightyear costume. He looked incredibly silly, but it was still awesome. Even more awesome was the conundrum of how to get him out of the suit once he was stuck. This might not have been hard-hitting television, but everyone needs a good slapstick comedic moment now and again.

Travis: That thing's on you like a bear trap. Is there at least a zipper so you can go to the bathroom?
Andy: I don't have to go anymore...
Travis: What?
Andy: What?

Meanwhile, Ellie finds her newfound solitude a little boring and takes charge of Laurie's Twitter account for the day. At first, the role reversal felt pretty jarring - seeing Ellie use "Laurie Speak" was not something I ever expected to hear - but it definitely had me giggling.

Laurie's Twitter needed handling in the first place because she and Travis have finally planned a night together without the baby. Something that seems exciting for them, but everyone else finds unbearably disgusting to think about, much to Travis' chagrin. 

Laurie: Today baby Bobby turns 6 weeks old!
Travis: And 6 weeks after childbirth means Laurie and I can finally... officially... get it on.
Ellie: Ugh.
Andy: Bleh.

Travis has grown up so much over the years, it's sometimes hard to remember that he's technically not in the same generation as the "grown-ups." He's Jules' son for crying out loud. I found it totally understandable that they would have an adverse reaction to the idea of him having sex. Even if he's been inducted into the parent's club, he's still probably a kid in their eyes, and no one wants to think about their kid having sex.

After much pouting, frustration, and two minor car accidents, Grayson and Jules finally get their dinner together. With all the obvious comedy going on, sometimes it's nice to watch these two just hunker down and have a real romantic moment. It makes it all count, you know?

As we're hitting the halfway mark for the season, I have to wonder... what are we in for next? I made a pretty risky prediction that Jules might end up pregnant at the end of this season, but we've seen no more hints of that yet. 

Do you think Jules will end up pregnant? Will Travis and Laurie master parenthood? Sound off in comments below!

Be sure to go back and watch Cougar Town online to relive all the giggles! 

Waiting for Tonight Review

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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Just you and me and 20 seconds of peace and quiet


Laurie: Today baby Bobby turns 6 weeks old!
Travis: And 6 weeks after childbirth means Laurie and I can finally... officially... get it on.
Ellie: Ugh.
Andy: Bleh.

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