Days of Our Lives Round Table: Why Did Will Cheat?

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Brady and Melanie explored their feelings, Nicole and Daniel hit the sheets and Will cheated on Sonny! It was a heck of a week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Andyroo and Tinab from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to figure out why Will cheated, If Nicole should investigate Serena and who were their favorite all time Days of Our Lives couples. 

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Why do you think Will cheated on Sonny & what should happen next?

Nick: There's been a fracture between Will and Sonny for quite a bit now, and it's been a common theme throughout their entire relationship. Will was jealous of Brian and Sonny; when Will came out he wasn't comfortable fully with himself; Will and Sonny eventually fell together but the baby put a spin on things; Nick Fallon. The list is long, and the mistakes numerous. This is just another in the cycle. As for what happens next, I'm ready for Sonny to have more involvement with Paul. It's clear that Paul is still hung up on Sonny, and this kind of betrayal by Will could be what makes PaulSon a reality.

Andyroo:  Well he is his mother’s son. Will’s recent personality transplant aside, I think their marriage is suffering from them getting married too young, having to deal with a baby right out of the gate (then having the mother go to prison), and the fact that Will never dated any other guys. It will be interesting to see if we have another Abby/EJ style affair, or if this will truly be a one time thing. Either way, Sonny will find out, and then he needs to cut and run.

Tinab:  I think Will has simply been unhappy and was looking for something. He has been whining since before California.

Christine:  I'm at a total loss. Yes, Will has been unhappy but jumping into bed with Paul completely shocked me. I guess he's more of his mother's son than I thought. I kept waiting for Will to tell Paul he was married but it never happened. I'll never look at Will the same way again and I can't wait for Sonny to find out the truth. 

Should Nicole continue her investigation into Serena?

Nick: Yes please, Nicole snooping has all the makings of a good Nicole story (that is, until Days screws her over again in the writing department)

Andyroo:  For Nicole’s sake, probably not. It’s only going to end with her being villainized by Daniel and Eric. 

Tinab:  She shouldn't continue but she won't be able to help herself.

Christine:  She should investigate Serena but she should do it with Daniel. Perhaps if she tells Daniel about the phone call they can do it together. Serena's hiding something but even if Nicole figures it out, no one will believe her if she doesn't have Daniel on her side. 

Do you want Rafe to take the job with Victor?

Nick: I never really pictured Rafe working for Victor, but so long as it gives Rafe some new story to work with I'm all for it. Victor hasn't had a very meaty storyline in a long time, and I fear that Rafe could soon become a background fixture like Victor.

Andyroo:  If it gives him an actual storyline, more power to him. 

Tinab:  Defiantly, Victor wants to help and Rafe desperately needs a job and a friend.

Christine:  Yes, Rafe desperately needs a story line and having him work with Victor could be a lot of fun and perhaps put him in contact more with Sonny, Brady and others. I've got my fingers crossed that it will actually happen. 

With so many new couples coming together, who has been your all time favorite couples on Days? (If 1 is to difficult, you can list up to 3.) 

Nick: John and Marlena, Brady and Kristen, and Will and Sonny.

Andyroo:  Will and Sonny (pre-Guy),  Shawn and Belle, Rex and Mimi.  I’m young, these are the couples I grew up with!

Tinab:  EJ and Sami will always be my favorite!

Christine:  Way back in the late '80s I loved John Black and Diana Colville and was heartbroken when Genie Francis left. Other than that it was Jack and Jennifer, Bo and Hope, and Shane and Kimberly. It's been a long time since I've had a favorite couple. 

Theresa "lost" her baby. Do you want her to find out what happened to her soon or much, much later?

Nick: Not at all, I'm perfectly content to patiently wait to see this one play out.

Andyroo:  I think it would be more interesting to let it be forgotten for awhile. Have Kristen show up one day with the baby, and Theresa could feel a connection to it. Maybe throw in the classic "baby has a disease that requires a transplant, and Theresa’s the only viable candidate" trope.

Tinab:  I want her to find out when the baby arrives in Salem and she recognizes it as her own.

Christine:  I'm torn. I want her to find out but maybe not just yet, but soon. I'm hoping they learn the truth while the baby is still a baby and not when the child is ten years old. 

Did anything disappoint you this week in Salem?

Nick: Seeing Daniel Freaking Jonas in bed with Nicole. I want to drink some bleach after watching the horror show play out.

Andyroo:  Definitely Will’s affair. The writers attempted to build up to it, but it still didn’t feel earned. Also Chad’s actions against Sonny. It all just seemed so out of character.

Tinab:  Sonny being made a fool of was sad - double crossed by his husband and his best friend.

Christine:  That Kayla would take Bree and her sister's gossip about Aiden over Hope's assurances that Aiden is a good guy. Hope is a police detective and Kayla has known her for decades yet Kayla seemed more than happy to discount everything she said and believe the worst. 

What was your favorite scene or story line from this week's Days of Our Lives?

Nick: Will and Sonny finally having some drama to deal with in the form of cheating spouses! I'm ready for the aftermath.

Andyroo:  Yikes, it’s hard to pick one this week. I did enjoy the Melanie/Theresa scenes on Friday. I kind of want to see these two as friends. Hopefully they can team up against Kristen some day on Brady’s behalf.

Tinab:  I am surprisingly excited to see if something develops between Lucas and Adrienne!

Christine:  Aiden showing Hope the emails between he and Bree and Hope's reaction. I couldn't help but laugh when she referred to Bree as a vindictive woman who couldn't spell. 

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