Forever Round Table: A Look Into Jo's Past

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On Forever Season 1 Episode 13, Henry solved a case with a mysterious link to Jo's past, which can only mean one thing: A Jo-centric installment!

Below, staff members Kathleen Wiedel, Paul Dailly and TV Fanatic Amy Perrin chat about the developments of this thrilling episode. Remember to hit the comments with your views on the hour!

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What did you think of the case of the week?

Amy: It was so-so, definitely not my favorite. I didn't like Detective Dunn, although I didn't suspect him until nearly the end of the episode. 

Kathleen: I was suspicious from the very beginning, when the masked criminal smashed the security camera after committing the crime. I was even more suspicious when the suspect vocally expressed confusion right before being conveniently shot dead by the dirty detective. So, was I surprised the detective turned out to be crooked? Not even a little bit. On the other hand, I really liked Henry's solution to Jo's hostage situation!

Paul: The case was very weak. It was the worst one yet. The idea was really good, but Dunn ruined it. It was so obvious he was the bad guy and even the subtle hints about his car felt like the writers were giving us the answer there and then.

Did we get enough about Jo's past?

Amy: Not enough, but it was a really good start. It was painful to see her watch the police tapes, and hear Sean's phone call to her. It's clear that they were both very much in love. 

Kathleen: It was nice to get that glimpse into Jo's life during the Before Henry times. It was almost painful to see her rewatching the video of her dead husband. It's all well and good for us to sit in our armchairs and declare that she should let him go, but it's not so easy in practice. Certainly, it's not emotionally healthy to cling to memory of her husband in such a way, but it is understandable.

Paul: It really was just a glimpse. I want to see more. I want to see how she became a detective and more about her family. Does she still keep in touch with her in laws? Her character is excellent, that’s why I’m eager to see how she became who she is today.

Did it work better having Abe minimally involved in the case?

Amy: I think I am one of the few people that actually likes Abe being involved in the cases. I did love his interaction with the boy, and finding out that he was so knowledgeable about antiques. I wonder if that boy will wind up helping Abe out in the store. 

Kathleen: I wouldn't say that Abe's involvement one way or the other makes the cases better or worse, just different. I enjoyed both this episode and the last, which had much more Abe directly intervening.

Paul: Yes. When Abe always happens to know someone who’s is part of the case, it feels really forced. I enjoyed seeing him do his own thing for a change and leaving the crime solving to the professionals.

Henry telling Jo to crash the car and trusting him. React.

Amy: That was crazy, and I wasn't sure if Jo was going to do it. I know that I wouldn't do that, no matter who was telling me to crash a car. It was a cool scene to see, and it's obvious that Jo has complete faith in Henry. Their friendship is really special.

Kathleen: That took some serious trust on her part. It's one thing to intellectually know that you'd survive a car crash like that, it's quite something else to actually do it. That definitely speaks to the faith Jo holds in Henry. And he held faith in her that she would be courageous enough to actually complete the act.

Paul: Sure it shows how much she trusts Henry, but it also shows how stupid she is. I don’t think anyone would do what she did. It was crazy.

What did you think of the flashbacks?

Amy: I liked the flashbacks, but then I always do enjoy those. The chaplain was a good guy, and helped Henry to see that his immortality could be a blessing. 

Kathleen: There's a measure of historical interest to be found here. Catholics were oppressed and despised by the majority Protestants in England for centuries after the English Reformation - the priest in Henry's cell could have been imprisoned for any reason, or none at all aside from his faith. Also, it was theologically curious that the priest encouraged Henry to hang himself in order to take advantage of the quirk of his immortality in order to escape the cell. Normally, suicide is considered quite a serious sin, and definitely not something to be encouraged, but the priest had faith that the act would not end in death, and Henry killing himself was not the end of the act, but the means to another end altogether, i.e., his escape.

Paul: I liked them. They give us a really good insight into the characters and the story, but I’d love to see a Jo flashback episode.

Paul Dailly is the Associate Editor for TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter.

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Forever Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Henry: It must be hard. I mean, not the gum. Seeing him. Feels like it's real for a moment. Like you can talk to him.
Jo: I just got caught off guard for a second.

Abe: I got one word to describe these stones: meh.

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