Glee Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Long Live Brittana!

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A few things sure to get me right in the feels: An engagement, the birth of a baby, and a coming out story met with acceptance and love. 

Glee Season 6 Episode 3 gave me two out of three and as the song goes, that ain't bad.

It wasn't really a secret that Santana would propose to Brittany tonight since the previews after last week's two-hour premiere pretty much revealed that particular plot point. Coupled with the early, early news that a Glee couple will get married this season and it's pretty safe to say they're it.

Congratulations, Brittana! 

While I don't know that they're relationship is always portrayed in the most accurate and realistic light, I can't say I hate the decision to keep bringing them back together; this time for good. Maybe it's because I took a walk down Glee music memory lane today and through the song lists relived the early days of their relationship and Santana's coming out, but I've always been a fan of this couple. So sure, let's give them a happily ever after when all is said and done.

Let's work some magic for Klaine, too, while we're at it. 

That magic doesn't necessarily mean they end up together, but it does mean they both end up happy, which neither of them are at the moment. 

Blaine is so incredibly uncomfortably NOT into Dave Karofsky that scenes with the two of them are painful to watch. Kurt is so somber and sad that I want to give him a hug and a pint of ice cream. Both of them realize that a mistake was made, and that yes, they were too young to get married. But right now it feels an awful lot like they're also realizing they're better together than apart.

My money is on the two of them being back together by the time the final credits roll. At the very least there will be a clear indication they're headed down that path instead of what we have now – where Kurt is heartbroken and taking his anger out on others and Blaine stays in a super awkward relationship. 

Speaking of super awkward relationships, it's probably not something which should be uttered out loud in such a public forum, but I'm not afraid to admit that seeing Darrell for the first time and recognizing that he doesn't have a visible disability and doesn't seem to be written as having one at all instantly sent up red flags.

What could he possibly want by dating Becky Jackson? Would Glee go there and have him be some nefarious villain from whom Becky needs saving?

I was actually pleasantly surprised by his outburst in Sue's office. While, yes, Sue and the gang's questions came from a place of good intentions, he was right. What they should want for her is that she's seen as a whole person with thoughts and feelings just like theirs.

Thanks, Glee, for making me think. Again. 

And then there's Coach Beiste.

Dot Marie Jones has a special place in my heart after a very amazing interview I once did with her, and that spot grew three sizes tonight through her portrayal of Coach Beiste in the midst of undergoing gender reassignment. I love the passion she brings to the role and the character is one I'm definitely going to miss when this is all over.

None of the above positive commentary is to say the episode was perfect. Far from it.

The writing this season is cheesier than normal and quite stilted, with "goodbye" hanging on every word. And don't even get me started on how the old New Directions are all just hanging around the choir room with nothing better to do.

But back to the dialogue. Every single word which is said feels like a goodbye. We know this is goodbye, but the overly sappy and emotional undertones of every line and every interaction just has me feeling...uninvested.

Why should I care that the new New Directions want to win at Regionals when this is it? This is all there is and everyone just keeps saying goodbye without actually saying the word. 

The other thing that really bugged me tonight is how Sue and Beiste just handed Sam the school's football program. It's weird enough that they have Kurt and Rachel, would-be college juniors, coaching the glee club – but Sam? Leading the entire football program? 

That's laughable. None of them are credentialed teachers and this could not ever happen and it's nearly impossible for me to suspend my disbelief to make it so. 

At least Finn wanted to become a teacher and was, presumably, going to go to college to do that. Ugh.

I shouldn't care. It's the final season and none of us should care. But I do. I care because I love you, Glee. 

What did you think of "Jagged Little Tapestry"? Are you excited for Santana and Brittany? Will Kurt and Blaine reconcile?

Remember you can watch Glee online to see all the awesome songs from tonight's episode (and they were awesome)!

Jagged Little Tapestry Review

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[to Santana] Okay, I may be a genius, but how can I argue with the logic of your giant, generous heart?


[to Spencer] You take Fred Flintstone off his brontasaurus, all he is is Wilma with a set of man plumbs. Conversation over.

Coach Beiste

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