Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 3 Review: The Very Good Bagel

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Many people say that timing is everything. This is especially true on Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 3

However, the more important lesson we learned was that "communication is key."

Wade spilled the beans to Lavon and George about Zoe's baby at the end of Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 2. Zoe slept at Lavon's house instead of the guest house after an emotionally heavy night. Meanwhile, Wade was knocking at her door at all hours to try and discuss things.

He loves you, you love him. Isn't that what you serenaded Meatball about?

Brick [to Zoe]

Zoe is finally convinced to hear him out and the two settle on meeting later at the Rammer Jammer. That would've been fine and dandy if Elodie hadn't have opened her big Belle-gossiping mouth about spotting a ring box in Wade's jeans.

Sufficiently freaked out, Zoe decided to flee to New York. Sure she loves Wade and, yes Brick, that was what she accidentally serenaded Meatball about, but Zoe is a neurotic girl and she knows that sometimes love just isn't enough.

Who really stayed together and stayed happy after getting engaged only because of a pregnancy? Zoe wants Wade to propose to her because he definitely loves her and sees her as the one. She doesn't want him to feel like he's duped. I think because Zoe comes off as so independent and sure of herself that a lot of people forget that she is just as scared as Wade!

Meanwhile, Earl has made a lot of strides but what was Wade thinking taking the proposal advice from him?

Oh my God, I'm thisclose to people calling me Crazy Wade!


Luckily, Wade was headstrong and sure enough about his feelings to follow Zoe to New York. And despite Candace's best laid plans, Zoe wasn't about to move back to New York anyway. She said it herself, Bluebell is her home.

Well, as one couple worked things out (yay Zade!) another love triangle, or rather, love square, got really complicated.

After a fun night of partying up at George's lake house, George and Lemon spent a little one-on-one time with each other. George realized he doesn't love Lemon and what he was really in love with was the nostalgia from a simpler time. However, before they headed back to Bluebell, he wanted to clear things up for Lemon.

Part of that meant spilling the beans about Lavon.

Little did he know that the night before, Annabeth drunkenly admitted that she still had feelings for Lavon.

Hey! This was fun, thanks for the food. Oh and I broke up with Davis because I still love you. Goodnight!

Annabeth [to Lavon]

Now what? George and Lemon are fine, but Lemon and Lavon are still a huge question mark. Plus, Lemon loves Annabeth and I doubt she'd do anything to hurt her after Annabeth admitted her feelings about Lavon. 

Here's to a new love triangle and some very interesting times ahead! Don't forget you can catch up and watch Hart of Dixie online at TV Fanatic anytime!

The Very Good Bagel Review

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Hart of Dixie Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

You are not a journalist. You write a blog about a town roughly the size of Sesame Street.

Lemon [to Dash]

Zoe: I am a capable person. I can handle this, just like I handled childhood, college, medical school.
George: Exactly.
Zoe: On my own.