Helix Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Scion

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How frakkin' cool was it to see all those familiar faces and call backs to Helix Season 1?

What Helix Season 2 Episode 3 did so wonderfully was make this season feel truly connected to the first. Even if the location and virus are different, I think fans were probably thrilled that Hatake was back and crazier than ever.

It was also a close call for poor Kyle. I mentioned early on I like the guy, which makes him this year's Doreen. Please don't kill Texas!

This week's opening scene will go down in Helix history as one of the most disturbing non-goo (yeah that's debatable) related moments ever. I kept wondering if Sister Amy was indeed pleasuring Landry. Well, after assuring him they weren't an item and lying about Kyle taking an interest in her, she removed her gloves and wandered off. Ewwww!

I'd say it's about time we took matters into our own hands. Wouldn't you?

Sister Amy

That's right, Syfy has been turning out some pretty risqué material lately and I love them for it. They're a cable channel; it's okay to compete with HBO and Showtime. Besides, young kids should not be up after 10 p.m. watching a show like Helix anyway.

So, the first familiar face we saw was Daniel Aerov's... what?!? Sure, Meegwun Fairbrother has continued to support the show via social media, but I figured if he appeared this year it would be as Tulok. Then, Amber Goldfarb showed up as Jaye, which was certainly unexpected. Finally, Hiroyuki Sanada – sporting long locks and a beard – made his big entrance and everything was right in the Helix-verse!

When I spoke to Kyra Zagorsky recently, she mentioned Julia's the only character that gets to play in both time periods. That means Hatake's arc this season takes place 30 years in the future ​– unless there are Season 1 flashbacks used to fill in the gaps between the two seasons.

What the heck was that root that Brother Michael was grafting from? It seemed important, locked away in a box and all. Did I miss something? We did learn he had no knowledge the little boy had gone missing. Sister Anne seems to be running the nasty business he doesn't want to deal with. It's also possible, as I mentioned before, the "sisters" have their own agenda. Sister Amy is certainly doing her own thing; seraphim breath and all that.

During testing, Kyle recommended comparing the ship's passenger samples to the boy, Soren. Excellent idea; only he dropped them at the shack. Sure, this made Kyle look pretty silly, but from a storytelling standpoint it allowed the characters to split up. Peter and Sarah went on an adventure, while Kyle ended up getting the crap beat out of him by a bunch of kids. The thing with the eyes was freaky as hell! I hope we see more of that.

I could have sworn Kyle was a goner. The fact he survived is proof these writers know how to throw us for a loop. They're not going to repeat themselves. Now that doesn't mean Kyle's safe, only that they spared him for now, unlike poor Doreen.

Thirty years in the future, Hatake captured his daughter, Julia, and they exchanged some interesting words.

The immortals have scattered to the winds. Our time is over. The TXM-7 pandemic is destroying us. I just want to save the few who are left.


Wasn't it fun to see the red "Keep Calm and Carry On" mug again? The Season 1 callbacks were a blast. Hatake's as malicious as ever, too; he handed Jules the red mug knowing she'd reject it and the sedative was in the other mug. Hatake you clever bastard.

At least this time around we know he's not out to hurt her. Actually, I take that back; he's a bit loony now, so you never know.

Thanks to sodium pentothal (truth serum to you and me), Hatake learned that Jules is not only infected and dying, but she's still working for Ilaria. The imaginary friends certainly weren't happy.

In the past, Alan was sneaking around the grounds and I had a feeling those wine barrels contained the yellow goop. What is that stuff anyway?

Sarah mentioned Alan and again Peter became extremely agitated. Sure, we know he's killed immortals but is there more to it? Who's Peter really working for?

Sarah: I've heard the rumors.
Peter: It's more than rumors. Interpol has security cam footage of him leaving Ilaria's corporate headquarters just before a bomb went off.

I wasn't surprised Layla's body was missing from the shack, but Peter was quite certain it wasn't the cult that took it. How does he know this? Does Ilaria have a cleaner somewhere on the island? I was expecting an infected person to show up; good thing Kyle gave "Hotzone" his gun.

When confronted, Brother Michael did not deny he was aware of the infected ex-cult members outside the gate. He claimed they left and that was their path. However, we (the audience) know the sisters are pumping certain members full of yellow guck. Why is this and is Michael in the dark?

This installment provided a ton of new information. We had a chance to revisit some familiar faces and watched Jules sit down to dinner with their nasty rotten corpses. Helix writers you are insane... but I wouldn't take you any other way.

--/ Hank's Hypotheses /--

  • Sister Amy is a bad apple, but she didn't fall far from the tree. Sister Anne's no angel, yet Amy is rebelling against her mother and the cult.
  • Brother Michael knows the "sisters" are up to something, but is not interested in the details.
  • Hatake has gone all One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Did he engineer this TXM-7 virus?
  • Julia confessed she's still working for Ilaria. Perhaps she's on the island to kill Hatake. Is that her true mission?
  • Peter knocked Alan out, but has no intention of hurting his brother. However, I think he's still loyal to Ilaria.
  • Alan will rejoin the CDC team and work with them to stop the TXM-7 virus.

What did you think of "Scion"? Are you glad to see Hatake's back? Is Brother Michael innocent in all this? Sister Amy came close to killing Kyle. Are you happy he survived? You're up fellow Helix fanatics, hit me with your zaniest theories in the comments below. Let's talk Helix guys!

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Scion Review

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Helix Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I knew they would send someone. I did not think it would be you.


I'd say it's about time we took matters into our own hands. Wouldn't you?

Sister Amy